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PSSI Lobbies Heerenveen Again to Release Nathan Tjoe-A-On to the U23 National Team Again

NOBARTV.CO.ID PSSI lobbies Heerenveen again, PSSI plans to lobby Dutch club SC Heerenveen again. This lobbying is related to bringing Nathan Tjoe-A-On back to the squad .

Nathan Tjoe-A-On has returned to his club SC Heerenveen. Previously, this player who was born on December 12 2001 participated in defending the Garuda squad in three group stage matches at the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. He came on as a substitute when Indonesia met Qatar - while in the other two matches against Australia and Jordan, he always played the full game. In the match against Australia, Nathan provided the assist for Komang Teguh's single goal.

The performance of this loan player from Swansea City was quite good in these three matches. But unfortunately, as mentioned at the beginning, he was 'forced' to return to his club once the match against Jordan was over.

So, initially, Nathan was not given permission to defend the Indonesian national team in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. Until the opening match against Qatar, suddenly, PSSI got the green light from SC Heerenveen. Clubs that compete in the highest caste (Eredivisie) was finally willing to release its players to the national team. Unfortunately, the club can only give permission for one week or until the end of the match in the group phase.

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Shin Tae-yong made the best use of this opportunity. He always gives Nathan the opportunity to appear in all three matches. The player's influence was very good in those three matches. Nathan is the link between the back and front lines. His mobility was also very good in all three matches. But now, he has returned to the Netherlands to join his club.

PSSI Lobbies Heerenveen Again to Release Nathan Tjoe-A-On to the U23 National Team Again
Portrait of Indonesian National Team players warming up before the match (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

"Indeed, yesterday we lobbied Nathan's club and from the results of that lobby, initially they (Heerenveen) were really reluctant to let Nathan go," said one of the PSSI Exco members, Arya Sinulingga.

"The chairman (PSSI, Erick Thohir) asked directly, at least to qualify for the top 8 because our initial target was there and Mr. Ketum is really trying so that Nathan can play until the target that Mr. Ketum has targeted is Shin Tae-yong," he added. .

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"That's why Sir Ketum really tried to go to Nathan's club to lobby to be able to play. "At first they didn't want to let go because it wasn't on FIFA's agenda," said Arya again.

“But in the end they were given it up when we asked to reach the top 8 or qualify for the group. "And now we have passed the group and that is indeed the lobbying and efforts that we put into Nathan's club like that," he concluded.

And now, it is reported that PSSI is lobbying Heerenveen again. They (PSSI) tried to ask for permission again so that Heerenveen would release Nathan for the second time to the Indonesian National Team. This was conveyed by STY's assistant, Nova Arianto. Considering that Indonesia has qualified for the last 8 and met the South Korean national team, the player's services are clearly needed by the Garuda squad.

"Currently, Nathan Tjoe-A-On must return first according to the agreement with the club," said Nova Arianto.

"However, PSSI is communicating again with Nathan's club regarding the possibility of competing on April 25 2024," concluded the man who also serves as coach of the U-17 Indonesian National Team.

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