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PSSI's strength is proven again, Nathan Tjoe-A-On joins the U-23 national team again

NOBARTV.CO.ID Nathan Tjoe-A-On returns to the U23 National Team squad. PSSI's lobbying to bring back Nathan Tjoe-A-On has yielded sweet results. Yesterday, it was confirmed that the player would rejoin after previously returning to his club.

Nathan Tjoe-A-On has so far been a very reliable player. This loan player from Swansea City came to Qatar ahead of the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. In fact, he did not have time to attend the training camp with other Indonesian national team players in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Nevertheless, Nathan appeared very compatible with the Garuda squad. In the three matches of the Indonesian U23 National Team in the group phase, Nathan was always played. He only came on as a substitute once. At that time, Nathan started his action from the bench when the Garuda squad met Qatar on the first matchday of Group A.

Meanwhile, in the other two matches against Australia U23 and Jordan U23, Nathan always started. In fact, he played the full game in those two matches. In the match against Australia, Nathan provided the assist for Komang Teguh's goal.

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But unfortunately, after facing Jordan in the final match of Group A, Nathan suddenly had to leave the national team. He left to join his club SC Heerenveen. Nathan joining (the club) is actually not a confusing thing. Because before he joined the Indonesian U23 National Team, PSSI and SC Heerenveen had agreed to allow Nathan to play until the end of the group phase matches. Therefore, after the match against Jordan ended, he finally returned (to the club).

PSSI's strength is proven again, Nathan Tjoe-A-On joins the U-23 national team again
Nathan Tjoe-A-On in the match against Australia (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

However, many people regretted Nathan's departure. Moreover, with the Indonesian national team qualifying for the quarter-finals against South Korea, the player's services will be even more needed. For this reason, netizens invaded SC Heerenveen's social media accounts to give Nathan permission to join the Indonesian national team again.

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Luckily, what netizens and the lobbying that PSSI has done again have had sweet results. In the second lobby, SC Heerenveen finally let their players leave again. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, Nathan immediately returned to Qatar to join the Indonesian national team to prepare for the quarter-final match against South Korea.

“Good news came from the Netherlands where Heerenveen finally allowed Nathan to strengthen the national team until the end ," said PSSI General Chair, Erick Thohir, in his press statement.

"Of course, thank you to all parties involved and providing support. "Now we are focused on facing the match against South Korea with complete strength," he added.

"Thank you for the support of the supporters who hoped that Nathan would be released by his club, so many people stopped by in very polite comments on Heerenveen's social media," continued the man who also serves as Minister of BUMN.

"It wasn't easy, but in the end we are grateful that all the players that coach STY wanted were available. "Now we just have to give our best efforts and prayers for the best results in the top eight," said Erick in conclusion.

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