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Uzbekistan's coach refuses to look at the Indonesian national team with the same eye, what does he say?

NOBARTV.CO.ID The Uzbekistan coach does not underestimate Indonesia. The 23 U2024 Asian Cup semi-final duel between Indonesia vs Uzbekistan will be held this evening. East Uzbekistan coach Kapadze refuses to underestimate his opponent.

An important match entitled the 23 U2024 Asian Cup, specifically in the semifinals between Indonesia and Uzbekistan, will be held this evening. Taking place at the Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Stadium, the duel between the two teams is predicted to be fierce due to several factors.

Firstly, the two teams will fight tooth and nail to secure a place in the final round of the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. Second, the winner in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup semifinal match will certainly be one of Asia's representatives in the multi-event Paris 2024 Olympics.

On that basis, both teams are guaranteed to field their best squad. From the Uzbekistan camp, Timur Kapadze's team is aiming for consecutive wins after so far having never lost since the group phase. Meanwhile, from the Indonesian side, Shin Tae-yong's team is aiming for victory in order to create new history as a debut team capable of reaching the final round of the 23 U2024 Asian Cup.

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Yesterday, in a press conference session, Uzbekistan U23 coach Timur Kapadze gave a brief assessment of the strength of the opponent, namely Indonesia. Even though his team was superior due to several factors, Timur refused to underestimate the strength of Marselino Ferdinan et al. According to Timur, U23 – so far they have proven that they are able to compete with big teams. For example, some time ago the Garuda squad beat Australia (group phase) and South Korea (quarterfinals).

Uzbekistan's coach refuses to look at the Indonesian national team with the same eye, what does he say?
Shin Tae-yong and Timur Kapadze in a press conference session (source: IG @afcasiancup)

"We have watched the Indonesian national team's match against South Korea and they have proven that they can compete against big teams," said Timur Kapadze.

Therefore, Timur was reluctant to underestimate his opponent's strength. In fact, as early as possible he and his team will prepare themselves as well as possible to analyze the opponent's strength.

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"So from now onwards, we will start analyzing and preparing," he added.

In the press conference, Timur touched a little on the condition of his team, which so far is still perfect (never been broken into). He said, the perfection of Uzbekistan's back line does not only come from the role of the defender, but the attacker also plays a role in the team's density.

"Defense starts from the attackers, so it wasn't just our defenders who worked hard to get this clean sheet," he concluded.

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