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STY Spreads Psywar Ahead of Semifinal Match: During My Time as a Coach, I Have Never Been Beaten by Uzbekistan

NOBARTV.CO.ID STY spreads psywar, Coach U23 Shin Tae-yong was a little boastful when attending the press conference session. STY said he had never lost when he faced Uzbekistan.

An important match entitled the semifinals of the 23 U2024 Asian Cup will be held this evening. The Indonesian national team, which recently shocked the Asian stage by beating South Korea in the quarter-finals, will meet the Uzbekistan national team. Apart from this duel (Indonesia vs Uzbekistan), another semifinal match will also bring together the Iraq vs Japan national team.

The duel between Indonesia vs Uzbekistan will be held first. It is planned that the Garuda vs Uzbekistan squad duel will be held this evening at the Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Stadium. Meanwhile, the match between Japan vs Iraq will be held in the early hours of the morning at the Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium.

Yesterday, the four teams – represented by a coach and one player each took part in a press conference session. From the Indonesian camp, Shin Tae-yong and Witan Sulaeman participated in the press conference session.

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In the press conference session, Shin explained several things regarding his potential opponents. In particular, Shin brought up when he coached the young Garuda squad in the 20 U2023 Asian Cup. At that time, the young Garuda squad and the Uzbekistan U20 National Team were part of the same group (A).

STY Spreads Psywar Ahead of Semifinal Match: During My Time as a Coach, I Have Never Been Beaten by Uzbekistan
Shin Tae-yong and Nathan Tjoe-A-On celebrate the victory of the U-23 Indonesian National Team (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

“The last time I played against Uzbekistan was in the U-20 Asian Cup, although we failed to host it . "But at that time we couldn't bring our six best players," said Shin Tae Yong.

"But still Uzbekistan dominated the game [at that time] and we didn't play well compared to Uzbekistan," he added.

With a little boasting - which actually falls more into the psywar category, Shin proudly said that the squad he was looking after had never lost when they met Uzbekistan.

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“As a coach, I have no experience of losing to Uzbekistan. "Even though Uzbekistan is a good team and has good players too," concluded the former South Korean national team coach.

Meanwhile, Witan Sulaeman, who accompanied Shin Tae-yong, gave good news regarding the condition of the Garuda squad. The Bhayangkara FC player said that the overall condition of the team is currently good. This means that not a single Indonesian U23 National Team player is currently injured.

"Tomorrow will be a difficult match because we are playing against a good opponent, but the players are in good condition," said Witan as quoted by the AFC official website.

"We will fight harder than we did in the last match (against South Korea)," added the former Lechia Gdansk player.

“When we compete, we play like when we train. "We followed the instructions of our head coach (Shin Tae-yong) and how he wanted us to play, and that's why we were able to create chances and score goals," he concluded.

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