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Gangwon vs Pohang FAQs: Schedule, H2H, Match Score Predictions

NOBARTV.CO.ID Gangwon vs Pohang, Gangwon and Pohang will meet in this midweek match. The meeting between the two teams will be held in the K League 1 season 2024-2025.

In the previous match, the two teams recorded different results. Gangwon was defeated by Gimcheon 1-0 while Pohang was held by Incheon 0-0.

FAQ Gangwon FC vs Pohang Steelers, here are some frequently asked questions Match facts and data that we have prepared for you regarding this match:

What is the title of the match between Gangwon versus Pohang?

This match is entitled K League 1 season 2024-2025 matchday 10.

When will this match be played?

This match will be held on Wednesday 1 May 2024 at 17.00 WIB.

In which stadium is the Gangwon vs Pohang Steelers match played?

This match will be played at Chuncheon Songam Stadium. This stadium with a capacity of 35,000 people was first opened in 1980.

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What is the record of the last meeting between the two teams?

  • 26/08/2023 Gangwon 1-1 Pohang Steelers
  • 28/06/2023 Pohang Steelers 2-1 Gangwon
  • 21/05/2023 Gangwon 0-0 Pohang Steelers
  • 18/03/2023 Pohang Steelers 1-1 Gangwon
  • 23/10/2022 Pohang Steelers 1-0 Gangwon

Where are Gangwon and Pohang ranked in the K League 1 event this season?

Gangwon is ranked #5 while Pohang is #2.

How have the two teams performed in their last five matches?


  • 27/04/2024 Gimcheon Sangmu 1-0 Gangwon
  • 21/04/2024 Gangwon 4-1 Incheon United
  • 17/04/2024 Gangwon 3-1 Hwaseong
  • 13/04/2024 Ulsan Hyundai 4-0 Gangwon
  • 07/04/2024 Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors 2-3 Gangwon


  • 28/04/2024 Pohang Steelers 0-0 Incheon United
  • 20/04/2024 Pohang Steelers 0-0 Gimcheon Sangmu
  • 13/04/2024 Seoul 2-4 Pohang Steelers
  • 07/04/2024 Daejeon Citizen 1-2 Pohang Steelers
  • 02/04/2024 Pohang Steelers 1-1 Suwon

Who are the players predicted to be included in the starting line up in this match?

Line-up Gangwon: Park Cheong-Hyo, Hwang Mun-Ki, Tuci M, Lee Gi-Hyuk, Yun Suk-Young, Yu In-Soo, Kim Kang-Guk, Kim Yi-Seok, Yang Min-Hyuk, Lee Sang-Heon, Cariello Ribeiro Y.

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Coach: Yoon Jong-Hwan

Line-up Pohang: Hwang In-Jae, Shin Kwang-Hoon, Lee Dong-Hee, Lee Gyu-Baeg, Wanderson, Kim In-Sung, Han Chan-Hee, Yoon M, Baek Sung-Dong, Heo Yong-Joon, Lee Ho-Jae

Coach: Park Tae-Ha

Which players are confirmed to be absent from this match?

Gangwon: -

Pohang: -

Who is the referee who will officiate this match?

TBC (to be confirmed)

What formation will the two teams use?

Gangwon: 4-4-2

Pohang: 4-3-3

What is the predicted score for Gangwon vs Pohang?

Gangwon is predicted to win the match with a final score of 3-2.

Where can I watch this fight?

You can watch the match live online through tools below this.

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