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Often disturbing, the Indonesian Embassy in Doha asks fans not to approach Indonesian national team players

NOBARTV.CO.ID The Indonesian Embassy gives an appeal to Indonesian supporters, the Indonesian Embassy in Doha in Qatar gives an appeal to supporters . This appeal is intended for supporters not to disturb the players who are currently appearing in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup.

The young Garuda squad is currently in Qatar. There, Shin Tae-yong's men were taking part in a major event entitled the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. Some time ago, they appeared in the semifinal match against the Uzbekistan National Team. Unfortunately, in that match, Ivar Jenner et al were defeated with a final score of 2-0.

With this defeat, the Garuda squad now has one more match left, namely the battle for third place. It is scheduled that the Garuda squad will meet the Iraqi National Team in the match for third place on Thursday night (02/05). The winner in the Indonesia vs Iraq match did not just get the title as third place winner of the U23 Asian Cup. But the winner – will also get an automatic ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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It is predicted that the match between the Indonesian vs Iraq national team tomorrow will be crowded with Garuda supporters present at the stadium. Yes, from the group phase to the quarter-finals and continuing to yesterday's semifinal match, the enthusiasm of the Indonesian National Team supporters was one of the main attractions. Not infrequently, every time a match is played by the Garuda squad, tickets are always sold out.

The enthusiasm of the Indonesian National Team supporters is not reflected in the match alone. However, there are also those who are willing to wait and follow the players to the hotel where they are staying. Not infrequently, what these 'fanatic' supporters do actually becomes a problem in itself for the Garuda squad.

Yes, with their presence everywhere, especially when the players need to rest peacefully at the hotel, this will actually disturb the players themselves. What these supporters did fell into the realm of 'disturbing'. On this basis, the Indonesian Embassy in Doha asked supporters not to disturb their privacy. Whether it's by taking photos, videos, or other things.

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Often disturbing, the Indonesian Embassy in Doha asks fans not to approach Indonesian national team players
Portrait of the Indonesian U-23 National Team match (source: IG @afcasiancup)

"From today until May 2, there will be no more requests for autographs or group photos that could disturb the players' comfort," said Murtado, Executive of the Information and Social and Cultural Functions of the Indonesian Embassy in Doha.

"Once again, please give them enough rest, don't disturb their privacy, let alone touch them physically without their consent," he added.

“The match [Indonesia versus Iraq] on May 2 will be as important as the final match for the national team. "Let's make the dreams of hundreds of millions of Indonesian people come true by providing comfort to them," he concluded.

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