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After Maarten Paes, PSSI Introduces 2 Candidates for New Naturalization Players for the Indonesian National Team, Who Are They?

NOBARTV.CO.ID PSSI introduces two potential new players , FC Dallas goalkeeper Maarten Paes has just been inaugurated as an Indonesian citizen. After the series of naturalization processes were finally completed, PSSI introduced two new potential naturalization players for the Indonesian National Team. Who are they?

PSSI continues to bring in hereditary players to serve as retainers for the Indonesian National Team. However, the arrival of these players who have Indonesian blood had already been carried out with Shin Tae-yong's approval. So, in the PSSI era from Mochamad Iriawan until now led by Erick Thohir, players of Indonesian descent who were naturalized had previously received the green light from Indonesian National Team coach Shin Tae-yong first.

Those who have been inaugurated as Indonesian citizens since the Iriawan era until now Erick Thohir are Sandy Walsh, Jordi Amat, Shayne Pattynama, Ivar Jenner, Rafael Struick, Justin Hubner, Jay Idzes, Ragnar Oratmangoen, Thom Haye, and Nathan Tjoe-A-On. So far, these ten players have made their debut with the Indonesian national team. In fact, four of them, namely Ivar, Justin, Rafael and Nathan, are currently playing for the age group team, namely the Indonesian U23 National Team, in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup.

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After Maarten Paes, PSSI Introduces 2 Candidates for New Naturalization Players for the Indonesian National Team, Who Are They?
Calvin Verdonk and Erick Thohir (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

And apparently, the ten names increased again with the inauguration of one new player, namely Maarten Paes. The goalkeeper who was born in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, on Tuesday (30 April) officially took the Indonesian Citizen Oath at the DKI Jakarta Ministry of Law and Human Rights office. Thus, Maarten is just waiting for the time for the change of federation to immediately make his debut with the Garuda squad. It is scheduled that in the near future, the Indonesian National Team will play two important matches against the Iraqi and Philippine National Teams in the event 2026 Asia zone, second round of group F. It is possible that Maarten will be able to debut in the two matches which will be held in June 2024.

And apparently, when Maarten was introduced as a new player, yesterday, at the same time PSSI also introduced two players who would follow him. Yes, last Tuesday, two footballers played at namely Calvin Verdonk and Jens Raven were also introduced as new naturalization projects. Both of them, said PSSI General Chair Erick Thohir, had already undergone the initial naturalization process.

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"Today Maarten Paes has officially become an Indonesian citizen, while Verdonk and Jens Raven are also in the naturalization process," explained PSSI General Chair Erick last Tuesday.

Calvin Verdonk himself is currently listed as a NEC Nijmegen player in the Eredivisie in the wing-back position. Meanwhile, Jens Raven, an 18 year old footballer, is a striker for the Dordrecht U-21 youth team. Dordrecht's senior team competes in the Eerste Divisie or second division of the Dutch League. If the process for these two players can be completed as quickly as possible, then it is not impossible that both of them will debut at the same time as Maarten Paes next June.

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