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From Main Referee to VAR, Here are 7 Tools for the Indonesia vs Iraq Match

NOBARTV.CO.ID A row of match officials for the Indonesia vs Iraq match. A total of seven match officials from the main referee to VAR will officiate the match between versus Iraq. Who are they?

Tonight, at the Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium, the Garuda Squad and the Young Mesopotamian Lions (the nickname of the Iraqi National Team) will face each other. The duel between the two teams took place in the match for third place in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. Previously, both teams suffered the same fate in the semifinals.

So, in the semifinal match which was held some time ago, Indonesia and Iraq experienced the same fate. The Indonesian national team was humiliated by Uzbekistan U23 with a final score of 2-0. As for Iraq, the team from the Middle East was defeated by Japan U23 also with a final score of 0-2. This defeat meant that Indonesia and Iraq failed to advance to the final round. Not only that, the two teams are also certain to not get automatic tickets to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

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However, even though tickets to the Olympics cannot be achieved, there are still other ways that can be taken to be able to appear in the biggest multi-event in the world. The way to do this is to come out in third place in the event This. Therefore, the match between Indonesia and Iraq is not just about seeking third place status. However, both teams share the passion and desire to appear at the 2024 Paris Olympics by winning the match.

But actually, there is another way to qualify for the Paris Olympics for the team that lost in the match for third place. The way to do this is by winning the play off match against the African team, Guinea. However, of course, realistically, both teams would prefer to qualify with a better status, namely third place in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup.

From Main Referee to VAR, Here are 7 Tools for the Indonesia vs Iraq Match
The referee from Thailand who will be in the VAR room in the Indonesia vs Iraq match (source: IG @afcasiancup)
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Apart from that, considering that the match for third place is quite important, of course the sharp focus will not only be on the two teams. However, the spotlight is also aimed at the match officials who will officiate the match. Because whether the match goes well or bad is greatly influenced by the match officials.

Reporting from various sources, for the Indonesia vs Iraq match tonight, there will be 7 match teams on duty. They consist of the main referee, assistant referee, and referee in the technology room, aka VAR. Who are they? The following is a list of the seven matches for Indonesia vs Iraq:

  1. Majed M Alshamrani (Main Referee)
  2. Hesham Mohammed (Assistant Referee 1)
  3. Omar Ali Aljamal (Assistant Referee 2)
  4. Hanna Hattab (Fourth Referee)
  5. Tseytlin Vladislav (Referee Supervisor)
  6. Abdullah Dhafer A Al Shehri (VAR Referee)
  7. Sivakorn Pu-Udom (VAR Assistant Referee)

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