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After the U23 Asian Cup, STY keeps the Garuda squad away from the hustle and bustle of football

NOBARTV.CO.ID STY keeps the Garuda squad away from the hustle and bustle of football, has ended his work in the U23 Asian Cup by ranking fourth. After appearing at the event, Shin Tae-yong slightly distanced his team from everything related to 'football.'

The bitter pill has just been swallowed by Justin Hubner et al. Because how could it not be, after appearing impressive throughout the group phase to the quarter-finals of the U23 Asian Cup, they actually experienced bad luck on two similar occasions.

So, the Garuda squad - which has the status of a debutant team in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup, was surprisingly able to escape the competition in Group A. Throughout the group phase, Shin Tae-yong's team only suffered one defeat when they met the Qatar National Team.

They then recovered in the second and third matches of the group phase. Consecutively, the young Garuda squad won over Australia U23 (1-0) and Jordan U23 (4-1). These two wins led the Garuda squad to finish in second place in the final standings of Group A and also made them qualify for the quarter-finals.

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In this quarter-final round, Marselino Ferdinan et al did not stop surprising them. They again defeated the strong South Korea U23 team through a penalty shootout which ended with a final score of 11-10.

It's a shame that the surprise stopped in the match against Korea. Because in the semifinal match, they lost to the Uzbekistan National Team (2-0). The bad luck didn't stop there, when against Iraq in the battle for third place, Shin Tae-yong's men were again defeated by their opponents with a final score of 2-1.

After the U23 Asian Cup, STY keeps the Garuda squad away from the hustle and bustle of football
Indonesian National Team players unfurl the Indonesian flag before the match (source: IG @shintaeyong7777)

These two defeats meant that the Indonesian National Team failed to secure a ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Because as is known, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the U23 Asian Cup will automatically become Asia's representatives in this multi-event event. Now, the only way for the Indonesian national team to qualify for Paris is by winning the play-off match against Guinea U23. For your information, Guinea U23 is ranked fourth U23 2023 last year.

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However, after the U23 Asian Cup was held and before the duel against Guinea, Indonesian National Team coach Shin Tae-yong did not want to keep his team busy with things related to football. The South Korean coach does not want his team to immediately be busy with the hustle and bustle of football after yesterday's defeat against Iraq.

“Of course the players are very tired and exhausted. "I think for 2-3 days we have to focus on recovery without touching the ball. After that, for 3-4 days we will touch on tactics and analysis of the opponent's game," said Shin Tae Yong, quoted from the official PSSI website.

“I will try my best to take this last chance to qualify for the Olympics. "I hope 4 Asian teams will compete in the Olympics," concluded the man who is also a former player and coach of the South Korean national team.

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