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Official: Indonesia vs Guinea match will be broadcast live on national TV

NOBARTV.CO.ID The Indonesia vs Guinea match will be broadcast on national TV. The 2024 Paris Olympics play-off match between Indonesia vs Guinea will be broadcast live on Indonesian television stations. Reportedly, RCTI will broadcast a life and death match for the young Garuda squad.

In fact, the Indonesia vs Guinea match was never planned at all. In fact, this match between two teams from different continents was only confirmed some time ago. The certainty that the two teams will meet is because Indonesia - in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup yesterday, failed to win the match against the Iraqi National Team.

So, some time ago, Shin Tae-yong's young Garuda squad appeared at the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. This event itself was a debut event for the young Garuda squad. That is, in several previous editions, never participated at all.

However, interestingly, in this debut event, the Indonesian National Team squad performed very well. During the group phase, Ivar Jenner et al successfully defeated Australia U23 and Jordan U23, making them qualify for the quarter-finals. And in the quarter-finals, they again made a surprise by sending home the South Korean U23 national team.

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But unfortunately, as soon as they entered the semifinals, the Indonesian National Team's steps were thwarted by Uzbekistan. Timur Kapadze's team stopped the Garuda squad's progress there. Marselino Ferdinan et al failed to advance to the final round after being defeated by their opponents with a final score of 2-0. This defeat meant that young Garuda was forced to take part in the fight for third place against Iraq.

Official: Indonesia vs Guinea match will be broadcast live on national TV
Ivar Jenner's action in the match against Iraq (source: IG @ivarjnr)

For your information, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup will automatically become Asia's representatives at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Therefore, the match against Iraq is one of the options for the Indonesian National Team to be able to appear in this multi-event event. But unfortunately, they lost again in the race for third place. The Iraqi squad prevented Indonesia from advancing to the Paris Olympics via the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. And now, Shin Tae-yong's team still has one more chance to qualify for the Paris Olympics. The way to do this is by winning the play off match against Guinea as fourth place U23 2023

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So on that basis, the Garuda squad was finally faced with a team from the African continent. Whoever wins this match, they will have the right to qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics and accompany three teams from the same continent. If Indonesia is successful in beating Guinea, the Garuda squad will join Japan, Uzbekistan and Iraq in the event. Likewise, if Guinea succeeded in silencing the Indonesian national team.

The good news is that the duel, which will be held behind closed doors without spectators at Stade Pierre Pibarot, can be witnessed live by all Indonesian National Team supporters. The match is planned to be broadcast live by one of Indonesia's private television stations, namely RCTI. Apart from directly, supporters can also watch this life-and-death duel live streaming.

The following is the play off schedule for the 2024 Paris Olympics between Indonesia vs Guinea:

  • Venue: Pierre Pibarot Stadium (France)
  • Date: Thursday, June 9, 2024
  • Time: 18.00 WIB
  • Live broadcast: RCTI
  • Live streaming: Vision+

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