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Shin Tae-yong said that the psychology of the Garuda Squad was starting to get tired and exhausted

NOBARTV.CO.ID The Garuda squad's psychology is disturbed, Coach U23 Shin Tae-yong said that the psychology of his foster children was not good. Shin said this in the middle of a training session ahead of the duel against Guinea U23 2024.

Six matches in the near future have just been played by the Indonesian national team. These six matches were played in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup, with details of three group stage matches, one quarter-final, one semifinal and one match for third place.

In fact, two of the six matches were completed by the Garuda squad in 120 minutes, aka extra time. As a result, the energy of several players - who have always been a mainstay in several matches - has of course been completely drained. Imagine, those hundreds of minutes were played in no more than half a month.

From these six matches, the Garuda squad not only experienced fatigue. They also have to accept the fact that their struggle in the U23 Asian Cup is not worth the fatigue they experience. The reason is, the 2024 Paris Olympics which the young Garuda squad was aiming for through the U23 Asian Cup were simply forfeited. It didn't end there, behind the feeling of disappointment and fatigue, the players had to play the play-off match again to be able to appear in this event. So it is not surprising that the players' feelings, emotions and physical condition have decreased greatly at this time.

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On this basis, some time ago Shin Tae-yong said that Ivar Jenner et al's physical condition was starting to get tired and tired. Shin stated this in a training session ahead of the match against Guinea in the 2024 Paris Olympics play-off.

Shin Tae-yong said that the psychology of the Garuda Squad was starting to get tired and exhausted
Ivar Jenner in the match against Iraq (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

“Because I was tired, I only did physical recovery and tactical training for a while. "Yesterday we traveled quite a long way," said Tae-yong, as reported by the official PSSI website.

“Like what you see. So everyone wore thick jackets, the temperature was quite cold. The most important thing is actually to control the player's condition. So psychologically I'm starting to get tired, I'm starting to get tired. "The important thing is that we can control the condition of the players so they stay fit," added the man from South Korea.

Not only physically, but said Shin, the young Garuda squad experienced two other problems. These two problems are the players' difficulty in resting and choosing food.

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“So there are indeed difficulties with food and sleep. Because we also rushed to book hotels, etc. because we could only do it after finishing yesterday's match in Doha. So there is a slight problem," he concluded.

The duel between Indonesia vs Guinea itself will be held on Thursday night (09/05). The winner of this match has the right to advance to the 2024 Paris Olympics and will be in group A with the French National Team (host), the United States and New Zealand.

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