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Horrifying! Witan Gets 5 Stitches after Collision with Guinean Player

NOBARTV.CO.ID Witan received five stitches. An unfortunate fate befell the player Witan Sulaeman. After a collision with a Guinean player in the Paris Olympic play-off match last night, the winger received five stitches on his head.

The Indonesian national team will certainly fail to appear at the multi-event event at the 2024 Paris Olympics. None of the three options for appearing at this event can be achieved.

First, they failed to advance to the final of the 23 U2024 Asian Cup after losing in the semifinals to the Uzbekistan National Team. If they are able to win this match, the Garuda squad will certainly appear at the upcoming Paris Olympics even though they lost in the U23 Asian Cup final.

Second, in the battle for third place, they again gave up. This time, the Iraqi national team, which was the opponent of Ivar Jenner et al, successfully secured a ticket to the Paris Olympics after defeating the Garuda squad 2-1.

Third, the final option, namely winning the Paris Olympic play-off match against Guinea, was also failed by Shin Tae-yong's team. Last night, they lost to the African team with a final score of 1-0. The only goal scored by former Barcelona player Ilaix Moriba meant that the Indonesian national team's chances of appearing at the Paris Olympics were tightly closed.

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Apart from the bad result, there were several controversial moments that occurred in last night's match. According to some people, the two penalty awards awarded by the referee were invalid. In the first penalty, the Guinea U23 player who was brought down by Witan appeared to have occurred outside the penalty box. Meanwhile, for the second goal, Dewangga made a clean sweep but the referee considered it a violation. But fortunately, one of the two penalties did not result in a goal.

Apart from that, there was a tense moment where - Witan Sulaeman lay down on the field. After a duel with one of the Guinean players, the Persija Jakarta retainer collapsed and had to undergo treatment. The treatment Witan received was quite long. Finally, the medical team gave a head bandage to the player who last night acted as team captain.

Horrifying! Witan Gets 5 Stitches after Collision with Guinean Player
Witan Sulaeman after receiving bandages (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)
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The bandage didn't last long. Moments later, the bandage around Witan came off – but he continued the match. In fact, the former Lechia Gdansk player appeared until the match ended.

After the match, a picture was distributed showing the condition of the player's head. It turned out that Witan looked torn and had to get five stitches. The horrific photo spread across various social media platforms and became a hot topic of discussion among netizens.

Witan's wife, Rismahani responded to the incident via her social media account. Because it cannot be denied, some netizens made a photo of Witan with a bandage attached to his head as a joke. Not a few people make memes from the player's photo.

"What you are laughing at, Witan said 'this is called struggle'. He's not okay! It's not a joke! He's crying, (his condition is not good, this is not a joke, he is crying)," wrote Rismahani.

“Given the responsibility of being captain, that's why he played more than usual. The head was already cracked, so he played until the last minute and even the bandage came off by itself. Dad fought too hard. "It turns out that father is stronger than the opponent," concluded the mother of one child.

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