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Ernando Ari Tells of the Moment STY Was Crying in the Dressing Room

NOBARTV.CO.ID Ernando described the moment STY cried. There was a suffocating moment in the dressing room . The moment was when coach Shin Tae-yong cried after being defeated by Guinea U23.

The Indonesian National Team's steps to advance to the 2024 Paris Olympics have been tightly closed since several days ago. This opportunity was closed because the Garuda squad lost dramatically to the African team from Guinea in the play-off match. Behind that defeat, there was a sad moment that Ernando told about after the match.

As is known, the Garuda squad's struggle to be able to perform in the multi-event event at the 2024 Paris Olympics has certainly been canceled. This is because Shin Tae-yong's squad failed to finish in the top three of the 23 U2024 Asian Cup – which is used as a qualifier for the Paris Olympics. In this event, Ivar Jenner et al were in fourth place after being defeated by Iraq in the race for third place.

The final path (to the Olympics) after failing in the U23 Asian Cup was also unattainable for the young Garuda. The reason is, in the play off match against Guinea U23, they lost again with a narrow score of 1-0. This defeat, which was full of controversial referee decisions, also meant that the Indonesian national team failed to secure the final ticket to Paris.

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Ernando Ari Tells of the Moment STY Was Crying in the Dressing Room
The moment Shin Tae-yong was given a necklace upon arrival in Indonesia (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

For your information, the match against Guinea was full of controversial referee decisions. The French referee Letexier F awarded two penalties to Guinea U23 – one of which resulted in a goal. In fact, these two goals - if you look more closely, are still debatable. Unfortunately, the referee had already made his decision and the outcome of the match had already been determined.

Based on confessions from the players in the dressing room after the match, some of them admitted to seeing Shin Tae-yong cry for the first time. This was first expressed by Ernando Ari.

“It's really bad that the referee was messed up. "This is also the first time I have seen the Indonesian National Team coach cry because he was moved," said the Persebaya Surabaya goalkeeper.

"At the second penalty we wanted to walk out but the children wanted to show a positive attitude and wanted to play. Thank God there wasn't a goal and unfortunately we also couldn't get a goal back. "That's what we thought in the dressing room," he added.

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The same thing was also expressed by full-back Rio Fahmi. The moment he saw Shin Tae-yong cry was the first time for Rio.

"What is certain is that I also just (saw) Coach Shin shed tears in the dressing room yesterday," said Rio Fahmi.

"So initially all the players tried to stay strong, because Coach Shin always said why should we cry after the match, because what we should do is during the match. "So there's no need to cry after the match," he added.

"But because the achievements we have made can be said to be extraordinary, Coach Shin was sad and shed tears, in the end the whole team embraced and cried too, because one more step we have created history. "But that's not our sustenance, so what else can we do," he concluded.

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