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PSSI Suspects There Are Efforts to Block the Naturalization Process

NOBARTV.CO.ID PSSI is suspicious of attempts to hinder the naturalization process, in the near future there will be the arrival of new naturalized players. But unfortunately, said Arya Sinulingga as a member of the PSSI Exco, his party suspects that there are attempts by several people to thwart the naturalization process.

PSSI does not stop at bringing in hereditary players to become part of the Garuda squad. After four hereditary players made their debut last March, now in June it is likely that the number of naturalized players will increase.

On 2026 Asian zone against last March, Jay Idzes, Ragnar Oratmangoen, Nathan Tjoe-A-On, and Thom Haye recorded their first caps for the Garuda squad. What's special is that these four players performed impressively in those two matches. Ragnar Oratmangoen and Jay Idzes managed to score goals while Thom Haye and Nathan Tjoe-A-On contributed one assist each.

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Next, in June, Shin Tae-yong's team will return to action in the same event, namely the 2026 World Cup Qualifications in the Asian zone, the second round of Group F, matchdays five and six. The two matches each against the Philippine and Iraqi national teams will be held at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) Jakarta. And it is possible that there will be new players who will make their debut in both matches.

The two players in question are Marten Paes and Calvin Verdonk. In fact, PSSI is currently carrying out the naturalization process for three players, one of which is Jens Raven. However, considering that Jens is still quite young and the matches against Iraq and the Philippines are very important, it is very likely that he will not be used so Shin prefers to debut Calvin Verdonk and Paes.

PSSI Suspects There Are Efforts to Block the Naturalization Process
Several potential naturalized players with Erick Thohir (source: IG @erickthohir)
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But unfortunately, in the middle of the naturalization process for these three players, PSSI - in this case Arya Sinulingga, suspects that there are parties who are trying to complicate the naturalization process.

Not without reason, because on Jens Raven's social media account, there are lots of bad comments written by netizens. This is because some time ago Jens often uploaded moments from his journey to Indonesia during the naturalization process along with various other activations. On this basis, Jens was accused of being looking for followers of the content he created.

This is what makes PSSI think that this method could be the cause of delays in the naturalization process.

“It's dangerous, it could hinder (the naturalization process), you know. "I became suspicious that there might be an attempt to prevent us (PSSI) from naturalizing by creating rumors that Indonesian netizens like to bully," he said.

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