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Preparing to Face Iraq and the Philippines, Garuda Squad Holds TC Starting May 27 2024

NOBARTV.CO.ID Garuda TC squad on May 27, will appear in two important matches in June. Before the two important matches against Iraq and the Philippines, the Garuda squad will conduct a training camp (TC) first. The plan is that the TC will be held on May 27.

The Indonesian national team is increasingly strengthening itself ahead of two important matches which will be held next June. Yes, as is known, that month, the Indonesian National Team will meet the Philippine National Team and the Iraqi National Team. These two matches were presented in the event 2026 Asia zone, second round of group F – the fifth and sixth matchdays to be precise. The Indonesian National Team's steps to remain in this qualifying round will really depend on these two matches. Why?

So, so far, from the four matches that Ivar Jenner et al have played in the qualifying round, they have pocketed a total of 7 points. These 7 points were obtained from two wins over Vietnam and a draw with the Philippines. This result makes them temporarily in second place in Group F standings. Below them, Vietnam is in third position with a record of 3 points.

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Mathematically, the Indonesian National Team only needs one win from the two matches it will play to qualify for the next round (third round). Because with the additional three points, the Garuda squad is certain to remain in second place in Group F standings with 10 points, making them entitled to appear in the next round.

Preparing to Face Iraq and the Philippines, Garuda Squad Holds TC Starting May 27 2024
Thom Haye in the 2026 World Cup Qualification match last March (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

What is even more encouraging is that the two matches against Iraq and the Philippines will be held in Indonesia. This means that their chances of winning in these two matches are very wide open. Not only that, but the Indonesian National Team will also be strengthened by several new naturalized players such as Maarten Paes, Jens Raven and Calvin Verdonk in this match.

And the plan is that ahead of this match, the Garuda squad will prepare as much as possible. They are planned to hold a training camp a few days before the match starts. This was confirmed directly by the Chairman of the National Team Agency (BTN) Sumardji.

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"There's already a schedule. At the end of this month the Indonesian National Team will gather. This is the FIFA calendar. "It's safe," said Sumardji.

“So, I have discussed it with coach Shin Tae-yong. God willing, we will gather in Jakarta as a whole on May 27 2024 evening WIB. "Hopefully, naturalization players can also gather together no later than May 28 2024," he added.

Furthermore, said Sumardji, if the opportunity arises, it is not impossible for the Indonesian National Team to hold trials before the two World Cup Qualification matches.

"So, we use the time we have for training camps to re-familiarize ourselves with the aim of building chemistry because this is very important."

"Before fighting Iraq, there was a discussion, PSSI might prepare a trial and if so, time is tight. "If it happens, maybe on June 2 2024. We are currently thinking about the opponent," he concluded.

The following is the schedule for the Indonesian National Team in the 2026 World Cup Qualifications next June:

June 6, 2024

Indonesia Vs Iraq (Home)

June 11, 2024

Indonesia Vs Philippines (Home)

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