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Once Skeptical, Indonesian National Team Legend Now Admits Rafael Struick as a Promising Striker

NOBARTV.CO.ID Budi Sudarsono changes his views regarding Rafael Struick, Legend Budi Sudarsono admitted that at first he doubted Rafael Struick's figure. But gradually, the Indonesian national team legend who plays as a striker admitted that he was amazed by the player.

Skepticism towards hereditary players cannot be denied. Because many hereditary players have become naturalized, but in reality their performance is far from expectations. Only a few names survived and became a core part of the Garuda squad. For example, Irfan Bachdim, Stefano Lilipaly, and Alberto Goncalves.

Meanwhile, many of them were thrown out of the competition. In fact, some of them - if you look deeper, do not have any striking differences compared to local players.

Likewise, when PSSI in the Mochamad Iriawan era and continued with Erick Thohir brought in many hereditary players. There are the names Jay Idzes, Nathan Tjoe-A-On, Ivar Jenner, Sandy Walsh, and even young players like Rafael Struick.

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For Rafael, this player who plays as a winger is not the main choice at his club ADO Den Haag. In fact, he mostly acts as a bench warmer at clubs that compete in the second caste This. However, Shin Tae-yong, this South Korean coach, was actually determined to bring himself in with statistics that were not too striking. As a result, many doubts were directed at the player.

One of these doubts arose from Indonesian national team legend Budi Sudarsono. Budi was initially skeptical about Rafael's presence in the Indonesian national team squad. Moreover, Shin Tae-yong really trusts him. Rafael is a mainstay for the senior team and also the U23 Indonesian national team.

But gradually, Budi's skepticism melted away. As soon as Rafael performed promisingly at the 23 U2024 Asian Cup yesterday, Budi's views changed. He now calls Rafael a promising striker for the Indonesian national team. For your information, Rafael scored two goals against South Korea in the U23 Asian Cup quarter-finals.

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Once Skeptical, Indonesian National Team Legend Now Admits Rafael Struick as a Promising Striker
Rafael Struick's action with the U-23 Indonesian National Team some time ago (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

"If the development is good. "Honestly, the first time he came here I didn't see what he was like, yesterday I saw this kid was promising as a striker," said Budi Sudarsono.

"He was often given the opportunity to play and finally he was able to prove he was a regular player," he concluded.

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