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STY Reveals Reasons for Wanting to Learn Indonesian


NOBARTV.CO.ID STY reveals the reason for wanting to learn Indonesian, Shin Tae-yong expresses his desire to learn Indonesian. So, what is the reason behind the coach's desire?

Shin Tae-yong is already a coach since the end of 2019. He was brought in by Mochamad Iriawan and still survives to this day. Shin Tae-yong has participated in dozens of matches and dozens of events. This means that he has had quite a lot of moments together with the Indonesian national team players.

But unfortunately, STY has received criticism because he cannot speak Indonesian. During his several years as an Indonesian coach, Shin was always accompanied by a translator. At training sessions, press conferences, or just interviews with media crew, the translator always accompanied him.

As a result, Shin received harsh criticism for this. He is thought to be reluctant to learn Indonesian – even though through speaking, communication between him and the players will be better. Last February, one of Coach Justin's football observers made this criticism.

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“And, that's a problem. "In the Indonesian National Team, they speak Korean, Dutch, English and Indonesian, which is not good," said Justin.

“This is just a matter of intention. Intention or not. "In fact, I can speak Dutch, English and German," he added.

STY Reveals Reasons for Wanting to Learn Indonesian
Shin Tae-yong celebrates victory with his children (source: IG @shintaeyong7777)

Furthermore, Justin at that time said that if Erick Thohir wanted to extend Shin Tae-yong's contract, then there must be a requirement that the coach want to learn Indonesian.

"In fact, if I were Erick Thohir (General Chair of PSSI), if he wanted to extend, he would have to learn Indonesian," he concluded.

Months later, Shin Tae-yong finally opened his voice regarding the criticism. He apologized because during his five years as an Indonesian coach, he could not speak Indonesian. But now, he promises to study. Shin's goal of learning Indonesian cannot be separated from the contract extension discourse that PSSI will give him. It is said that the new contract will last until 2027.

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"I'm sorry I don't speak Indonesian, but in the future I have to learn Indonesian because I will still be in Indonesia until 2027," said Shin Tae-yong.

Previously, one of the PSSI Exco members, Arya Sinulingga, said that his party would immediately negotiate with Shin Tae-yong regarding the coach's new contract. The contract extension, said Arya, coincided with the end of Erick's term of office as General Chair of PSSI.

“We will negotiate on many things. "KPI [Shin Tae Yong] was achieved, that's something we appreciate, then going forward [the contract] until 2027. Remember, Mr Erick, as general chairman (ketum) does not want to make contracts outside of his management area," said Arya. .

"Because the deadline is 2027, the STY contract also runs until 2027. Because we don't know, don't let the STY contract become a burden for the next chairman. "So, Mr. Erick doesn't want to create the next burden," he concluded.

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