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Serie-A Club Como Facilitates U20 National Team TC before Appearing in the Toulon Tournament

NOBARTV.CO.ID Como 1907 facilitates the U20 National Team TC, the Italian club - owned by an Indonesian entrepreneur, namely Como, will provide its facilities for the young Garuda squad to use before taking part in the 2024 Toulon Tournament. It is known that Como is a Serie-B team that has just been promoted to the Italian Serie-A.

The young Garuda squad has finally been confirmed to appear at the 2024 Toulon Tournament international event. Throughout its history, the Garuda squad has appeared in two editions. And in 2024 this will be the participation of the young Garuda squad for the third time.

In 2022, Shin Tae-yong, as the young Garuda coach at that time, could not accompany Marselino Ferdinan et al because he was busy with the 2022 SEA Games agenda. As a result, Shin sent Bima Sakti and Nova Arianto as his replacements. And at the end of the tournament, the Garuda Indonesia squad ended the event in third place in Group B with a record of three points – with one win and two defeats.

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As for 2024, the coach will be in charge U20 is Indra Sjafri. Indra was appointed as coach after PSSI cut Shin Tae-yong's position. Previously, Shin coached three age groups, namely senior, U23, and U19/U20.

And the good news is, ahead of the 2024 Toulon Tournament being held, the young Garuda squad that will appear in the event received a facility from the Italian club Coma 1907. Como provided its sports center as a place for the players to hold training camps. This was confirmed directly by Indra Sjafri last Wednesday.

Serie-A Club Como Facilitates U20 National Team TC before Appearing in the Toulon Tournament
Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto is at the Como 1907 training center (source: IG @comofootball)

“Yeah, so we will fly to Como, Italy, and there we will practice. "Then we shifted to Toulon," explained Indra.

Initially, the young Garuda squad will conduct a training camp in the Netherlands. However, because of the facilities provided by Como, they will fly to Italy before finally continuing their journey to France.

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“That's why I'm grateful that there is a Touon tournament. But if this tournament doesn't happen, we will have a training center which is planned in the Netherlands. "We're also looking for other players," he added.

In line with Indra, Como Indonesia Representative Mirwan Suwarso said that his party would continue to collaborate with PSSI. One of them is by preparing a training center ahead of the Toulon tournament which will be held on May 20-25.

"We will definitely continue to work together (with PSSI). "Like later, on 25-30 (May), the U20 National Team will have a training camp in Como," said Mirwan Suwarso.

"We help them by providing facilities, use of the training field, we give them the use of restaurants and we cover all the food for breakfast and lunch," he added.

“We provide that for the Indonesian national team. We fully support it," he concluded.

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