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Indra brought seven hereditary players to the French Toulon Tournament

NOBARTV.CO.ID Indra tested the quality of his offspring through the Toulun tournament, the young Garuda squad will participate in the Toulon Tournament in France. Through this event, Indra plans to test the quality of the hereditary players.

PSSI is improving from time to time. After bringing in several hereditary players to become part of the Garuda squad, now this step is also being followed by the youth team.

Already, The senior class is currently decorated with a large number of naturalized players. Such as Sandy Walsh, Shayne Pattynama, Jordi Amat, Ivar Jenner, Rafael Struick, Justin Hubner, Jay Idzes, Nathan Tjoe-A-On, Ragnar Oratmangoen, and the one who is currently carrying out this process, namely Calvin Verdonk.

The number of naturalized players is quite successful because the Garuda squad is increasingly developing in terms of play. At the 2023 Asian Cup yesterday, the Indonesian national team was able to qualify for the last 16 for the first time. Meanwhile, in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup, Nathan Tjoe-A-On et al were able to create history by appearing until the semifinals despite their status as a debutant team.

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And apparently, Shin Tae-yong's steps in selecting hereditary players as retainers for the Indonesian National Team are now being followed by Indra Sjafri. Indra, who was appointed several months ago as coach of the Indonesian U20 National Team, also relies on the hereditary players in the team he wants to create.

Indra brought seven hereditary players to the French Toulon Tournament
One of the players descended from Jens Raven (source: IG @jensraven9)

Some time ago, Indra called several hereditary players to take part in the Indonesian National Team training camp. And apparently, he will use this method again in the near future. Soon, Indra Sjafri's young Garuda squad will appear in the 2024 Toulon Tournament in France.

Through this event, Indra plans to test the abilities of these descendants' players. Therefore, in particular, Indra will call them to take part. Indra has expressed his desire to Erick Thohir. And it was stated that there were seven hereditary players he would bring, namely Jens Raven, Xavi Wouldstra, Mauresmo Hinoke, Kaya Symons, Dion Markx, Sacha Deighton and D'Leanu Arts. If among them there are players who are considered talented, then Indra will report to PSSI to then be processed as a naturalized player.

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“Of the seven players, I asked the General Chairman [PSSI] to invite me to the Toulon tournament. We practiced there for about five to seven days. "After that, we will try to be able to play in tournaments," explained Indra.

"Regulation-wise, I am conveying to [PSSI's] international relations [department] whether it is possible for them to play in Toulon, but at least for one week I can see their quality," he added.

"After completion, we will conclude whether they will continue with naturalization. "So be patient, because as a coach I will be responsible for the players I choose," concluded the former Bali United coach.

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