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PSSI Reveals the Reason Witan Was Not Called to the Indonesian National Team: He's on the Hajj!

NOBARTV.CO.ID PSSI reveals the reason Witan was not summoned, PSSI gives the reason for not summoning Witan Sulaeman to . It was explained that Witan is currently preparing to leave for the holy land for the Hajj.

The Indonesian national team squad will play two crucial matches next month. In June, the Garuda squad will host Iraq and the Philippines in continuation 2026 Asia zone, second round of group F. These two matches are the last matches in the second round.

Therefore, this match is clearly quite an important match. The reason is, whether or not the Indonesian National Team passes to the third round will be influenced by these two matches. In fact, with just one more win, the Indonesian National Team will qualify for the third round.

So, currently, the Indonesian National Team has collected 7 points from four matches in Group F. These 7 points make them sit in second place in Group F. As for third place, Vietnam is following with a score of three points. If in one of the matches the Indonesian National Team wins, bringing its points to 10, then that position will not be lost even though Vietnam always wins in the remaining two matches.

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PSSI Reveals the Reason Witan Was Not Called to the Indonesian National Team: He's on the Hajj!
Witan Sulaeman when entering the match field (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

Therefore, considering that these two matches are quite important, Shin on Thursday officially summoned 22 of his best players to take part. All naturalized players are asked to join. Ragnar Oratmangoen, Nathan Tjoe-A-On, Jay Idzes, Thom Haye, Ivar Jenner, Shayne Pattynama, Jordi Amat, Sandy Walsh, and Rafael Struick were asked to participate.

But interestingly, one local player who gets called up very often, namely Witan Sulaeman, is actually absent from the next two matches. In fact, the former Lechia Gdansk player always had Shin Tae-yong's trust. Witan appeared in the 2023 Asian Cup and 23 U2024 Asian Cup some time ago. The player was also trusted to strengthen Indonesia in the World Cup Qualifications last March.

After investigating, the absence of Witan Sulaeman's name turned out to have its own reasons. The player is absent because currently, he is preparing to carry out the sixth pillar of Islam, namely the Hajj. Because of this, Shin couldn't summon the player. This was conveyed by the Chairman of BTN Sumardji.

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"Yes, Witan plans to go on the Hajj this year," explained Chairman of BTN (National Team Agency) Sumardji.

"Witan will go on Hajj on May 24 with his family," he added.

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