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5 Subscribed Players who were absent from the matches against Iraq and the Philippines

NOBARTV.CO.ID 5 regular players absent from match against Iraq – Philippines, will face Iraq and the Philippines in June. The duel was presented in the event 2026 Asia zone second round group F.

Ivar Jenner et al will play two more matches in the second round of the 2026 World Cup Qualification matches. If they are able to draw just once in this match, the Indonesian national team will certainly advance to the third round. Why?

So, to date, the Indonesian National Team has played four matches in the second round of World Cup Qualification. From these four matches, the Garuda squad has collected a total of 7 points thanks to two wins and one draw. This positive score means that Indonesia is now in second place behind Iraq.

As for the Vietnam National Team, the squad nicknamed The Golden Star Warriors is the team just below Indonesia. Vietnam is in third place with a record of only 3 points.

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Therefore, the large distance between Indonesia and Vietnam means that Marselino Ferdinan et al are more favored to qualify for the next round. If in the next match the Indonesian National Team is able to achieve one win, then their points will be 10. And even if Vietnam always wins in the remaining two matches, then the points they will get will be 9.

This number of points (if Vietnam always wins), will not be able to shift the position of the Garuda squad. Therefore, Indonesia is the team in Group F with the most chance of qualifying for the next round after Iraq. Moreover, in the two matches next June, the Garuda squad will act as hosts.

Yesterday, ahead of the two matches being held, Shin had summoned his 22 best players. All naturalized players who were processed during his time as coach of the Indonesian National Team were brought into the squad. Sandy Walsh, Shayne Pattynama, Jordi Amat, Ivar Jenner, Rafael Struick, Justin Hubner, Jay Idzes, Thom Haye, Ragnar Oratmangoen, and Nathan Tjoe-A-On did not escape the call.

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5 Subscribed Players who were absent from the matches against Iraq and the Philippines
Elkan Baggott at the warm up session for the Indonesian National Team (source: IG @elkanbaggott)

But interestingly, of the many players who received calls, Shin ignored five regular players who previously often received calls. There are several different reasons behind their absence. The five players are Hokky Caraka, Marc Anthony Klok, Elkan Baggott, Witan Sulaeman, and Ramadhan Sananta.

For Hokky and Sananta, the absence of these two players is most likely due to not being able to compete with Ragnar Oratmangoen and Rafael Struick. As for Elkan Baggott, this Ipswich Town player is thought to be receiving punishment from Shin Tae-yong due to his previous actions (not fulfilling the call to the Paris Olympic play-offs). Meanwhile, Klok, the midfielder, is busy with the League 1 play-offs which have now entered the first leg of the semifinals. And Witan, the former Lechia Gdansk player, was absent because he was preparing himself before leaving for the holy land of Mecca.

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