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List of Indonesian National Team Managers in Various Age Groups


NOBARTV.CO.ID List of managers , PSSI via its official website announced a list of managers for several age groups for the Indonesian National Team.

In a team, there are several components involved. Likewise with a football club. There are players who are directly involved in the match, there are also coaches whose job is to give instructions to the players. Then there are also managers who cannot be separated from a team. Whether the team is a club or a national team.

According to Quora, a manager means a person who has several tasks. Such as being responsible for managing the administration and preparation of the team off the field, player transfers, arranging team facilities, player meals, match schedule plans, and other administrative matters. In Europe, managers and coaches are usually held by one person. So in his duties, he holds multiple positions.

In the Indonesian National Team itself, the managers assigned by PSSI often change. But one figure who is usually appointed by PSSI is Sumardji. Sumardji at PSSI served as one of the executive members (Exco). Apart from that, this man who also serves as a member of the National Police is the Chairman of the BTN (National Team Agency).

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However, yesterday, PSSI, via its official website, finally sorted managers according to the age group held.

Interestingly, PSSI still entrusts Sumardji as manager of the Indonesian National Team. However, he now only serves as manager for the senior Indonesian national team. This means that Sumardji is fully responsible for administrative matters and preparations for the Indonesian National Team for the senior team. In fact, Sumardji admitted some time ago that he had prepared the Indonesia vs Tanzania trial match.

List of Indonesian National Team Managers in Various Age Groups
Sumardji in an interview session (source: IG @pssi)

Meanwhile, for the U-17 and U-20 Indonesian national teams, PSSI chose Ahmad Zaki as manager. Previously, Ahmad Zaki was the former Regent of Tangerang. However, Zaki has some experience in the world of football. The Regent of Tangerang for these two periods is listed as the owner of Persita Tangerang and was once the supervisor of Persikota Tangerang.

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Apart from that, Zaki has built mini stadiums in 29 sub-districts to support sports and train young football players in Tangerang. Due to his work, PSSI gave him confidence as manager for the two age groups of the national team.

"I know this is a young team, but because of the high expectations of society, I am ready to help the U-20 and U-17 national teams to achieve their best achievements," explained Zaki some time ago.

As for the position of senior women's national team manager, Erick Thohir gave his trust to Galih Dimuntur Kartasasmita. Meanwhile, Iwan Setiawan was asked to serve as assistant manager for the women's and junior national teams.

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