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Shin Tae-yong asks Hyundai Automotive Company to sponsor the Indonesian National Team bus


NOBARTV.CO.ID STY wants Hyundai to sponsor the bus , Indonesian National Team Coach Shin Tae-yong recently received a Genesis Electrified G80 Long-Wheelbase brand car. After receiving the prize, STY hopes that in the future, the car manufacturer (Hyundai) will sponsor the Indonesian National Team bus.

In his homeland, Shin Tae-yong not only works as coach of the Indonesian National Team. In his free time, Shin is often seen outside of matters related to the world of football. He has been the star of several domestic and foreign product advertisements.

Shin's appointment as an advertising star for several products cannot be separated from the trainer's fame. Yes, the name Shin Tae-yong is very famous in Indonesia. In fact, he gained greater fame than when he was in his own country, South Korea. Chances are, Shin will receive more advertising offers in the future - considering that some time ago, PSSI planned to extend his contract.

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Currently, Shin is still in Indonesia. He chose not to return home after leading the young Garuda squad in the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. Because in the near future, he will return to coach the senior Indonesian national team in 2026. In this match, the Garuda squad will face the Iraqi and Philippine national teams at the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK) Jakarta.

Shin Tae-yong asks Hyundai Automotive Company to sponsor the Indonesian National Team bus
Shin Tae-yong during the Indonesian National Team training session (source: IG @shintaeyong7777)

Being in Indonesia for the past few weeks has kept Shin busy with agendas outside of football. Yesterday, Shin attended an event with Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID). Hyundai itself is an automotive company from South Korea.

On this occasion, Shin directly received a used car from HMID branded Genesis Electrified G80 Long-Wheelbase. This car was used by high-ranking state officials at the G20 Summit in Bali in 2022.

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When receiving the gift, Shin gave several impressions and messages. Interestingly, in one of the messages he conveyed, Shin hoped that the automotive company would sponsor the Indonesian National Team bus in the future.

"I'm sorry I don't speak Indonesian, but in the future I will learn Indonesian because I will be here [Indonesian National Team] until 2027," said STY.

"Hopefully Hyundai can work together with PSSI in the future. Maybe you could become a PSSI sponsor. "Hyundai buses are good, so maybe the [Indonesian National Team] bus could be sponsored by Hyundai," he added.

"Hopefully in the future Hyundai can work together with PSSI and hopefully we will qualify for the 2026 World Cup. Thank you," he concluded.

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