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The Garuda Squad will be showered with bonuses if they pass round 3 of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers

NOBARTV.CO.ID Garuda squad is showered with bonuses, Marselino Ferdinan et al have the opportunity to qualify for the third round 2026 if they are able to beat the Philippines next Tuesday. If Shin Tae-yong's fleet is able to defeat the opponent - or rather escape in any scenario, then they will be showered with abundant bonuses by PSSI.

and Vietnam are the two teams that still have a chance to qualify for the third round of the 2026 World Cup Qualifications in the Asian zone. Both teams were recorded as having collected 7 and 6 points. With these seven points, the Garuda squad is now in second place. As for Vietnam, this record of 6 points makes Nguyen Quang Hai et al in third place.

However, both of them have the same chance of qualifying for the next round. In group F - where Indonesia and Vietnam are members, only Iraq has sealed its ticket to the third round. Meanwhile, in the Philippines, Tom Saintfiet's team has certainly failed because up to now he is still in a poor position.

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However, two other teams, namely the Philippines and Iraq, will influence the final scenario that will occur in Group F. If the Philippines is able to beat Indonesia and Vietnam also wins over Iraq, then Vietnam will qualify for the next round. However, if Indonesia wins even though Vietnam also won in the other match, then Shin Tae-yong's men will qualify for the next stage. And if surprisingly both teams lose - in this case Indonesia is the one who ultimately accompanies Iraq to the next round.

The Garuda Squad will be showered with bonuses if they pass round 3 of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers
Egy Maulana Vikri in the match against Iraq (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

The many scenarios are clearly beneficial for the Indonesian National Team. In terms of opponents, Indonesia will also face a team that is not as strong as Iraq. Apart from that, Indonesia also benefits from acting as host. Therefore, in this case (the chance to qualify), the Garuda squad as a team must take this opportunity.

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With various scenarios that could occur, PSSI promises bonuses to the players. This was conveyed by the Indonesian National Team manager Sumardji when he accompanied the Garuda squad in yesterday's training session. This bonus has been prepared by PSSI if Ragnar Oratmangoen et al are able to qualify for the next (third) round.

"Regarding the bonuses, it has been arranged, for round 2, qualifying for the third round already has a bonus, and PSSI has also prepared it," said Sumardji.

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