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Filipino Coach: I Got Attacks from Indonesian Fans

NOBARTV.CO.ID The Filipino coach was attacked by Indonesian fans. In a press conference, Filipino coach Tom Saintfiet admitted that he had received several threats. The coach said the threats came from fans .

Group F final duel 2026 Asia zone second round will be held in the middle of this week. These two matches will be presented in two places. First at GBK – where the Garuda squad is scheduled to host the Philippines. Second, the Group F match will also bring together the Iraqi National Team and Vietnam. This second match will be played at the Basra International Stadium, aka Iraq's headquarters.

Of the four teams, only Iraq has confirmed that they will qualify for the third round of 2026 World Cup Qualification. Meanwhile, the other two teams, namely Indonesia and Vietnam, still have the opportunity to accompany Jesus Casas' team. However, of these two teams, the Garuda squad is more favored to accompany Ali Jasim et al. This is because Shin Tae-yong's squad only needs a win against its opponent the Philippines. Meanwhile for Vietnam, winning alone won't let them get through (the third round) just like that. Apart from the winning target, Vietnam also depends on another match played by Indonesia vs Philippines. The Golden Star Warriors' victory was accompanied by Indonesia's defeat to the Philippines. This is because the points from both teams are more profitable for the Garuda squad. Marselino Ferdinan et al are in second place in Group F standings with seven points, while Vietnam is in third place with a record of six points.

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Yesterday, ahead of the Indonesia vs Philippines duel being held, Shin Tae-yong and Tom Saintfiet gave their comments in a press conference session. Interestingly, from the press conference session attended by Tom Saintfiet, the Belgian coach gave quite surprising information. Ahead of the duel against Indonesia, Saintfiet admitted that he received attacks from home fans (Indonesian national team supporters). Tom Saintfiet said he got the attack on social media.

Filipino Coach: I Got Attacks from Indonesian Fans
Tom Saintfiet at the press conference session (source: IG @theazkals)

“I have seen comments on Indonesian [social] media. I also received a lot of attacks from Indonesian fans. It's not fun. "I'm not used to dealing with that," said Tom Saintfiet.

Tom Saintfiet said that he received attack after attack because of slanted coverage by the Vietnamese media. So, after the previous match against Vietnam, he received a question about Vietnam's chances of qualifying for the next round.

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"After the match against Vietnam, I only got questions about Vietnam, and they asked about Vietnam's chances," he said.

“And I said, I will go to Indonesia to win the match, and that is normal. Then I said, if you beat Iraq you can win.”

“I have nothing to do with Vietnam, there is no benefit if Vietnam passes. "I only care about the Philippines, I represent the Philippines," he said again.

"So when I said I wanted to win against Indonesia and said that Vietnam could qualify if they beat Iraq, I didn't feel there was anything wrong with that," he concluded.

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