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Prediction for Italy vs Indonesia Wednesday 12 June 2024, Touloun Cup

NOBARTV.CO.ID Italy U21 vs Indonesia U20, the interesting match Italy vs Indonesia which will take place at the 2024 Toulon Cup is predicted to be a tough and challenging match for the Garuda Muda team. Italy U-21 is a strong team filled with talented young players from Serie A and other top European leagues. The match will be held on Wednesday 12 June 2024, at 23:00 WIB.

Italy U-21 showed a good performance in the 2024 Toulon Cup. They managed to beat Ukraine U-21 with a score of 3-0 and drew 1-1 against Mexico U-23. Italy U-21 has a solid squad with strong individual technique, neat tactics and high goal scoring ability.

However, Italy U-21 sometimes easily loses focus and concentration, especially when facing a team that plays disciplined and defends well. Italy U-21 want to win in this match to maintain their chances of qualifying for the 2024 Toulon Cup semifinals.

Meanwhile, Indonesia U-20 showed an unsatisfactory performance in the 2024 Toulon Cup. They lost 0-3 to Ukraine U-21, 0-4 to Panama U-20, and 1-4 to Japan U-21.

Indonesia U-20 has a high fighting spirit and never gives up. Indonesia U-20 still has several shortcomings, such as lack of experience at international level, finishing that is not sharp enough, team coordination that is not optimal.

This match is predicted to be a victory for Italy U-21. It is predicted that the superior quality of the Italy U-21 team on all fronts will be the deciding factor in this match.

However, Indonesia U-20 cannot just give up. They must continue to fight hard, show high fighting spirit, and play with discipline to achieve the best results.

Before watching the match between Italy and Indonesia on Nobartv link live streaming, check score predictions, line up, H2H, up to the following team statistics first.

Prediction for Italy vs Indonesia Wednesday 12 June 2024, Touloun Cup
Exciting goals from Italian players. (Sc Instagram @azzuri)

Line Up Prediction

Indonesia: Ikram Algiffari; Kadek Arel Priyatna, Sulthan Zaky, Dony Tri Pamungkas, M. Mufli Hidayat; Figo Denis, Tony Firmansyah, M. Darel Valentino; Ariyansyah, Jens Raven, M. Riski Afrisal

Italy: Pessina; Benjamin, Verde, Natali, Cama; Coletta, Sala, Di Nunzio, Liberali; Camarda, Mosconi

Match Preview

The fitness of key players from both teams will be an important factor in this match. The strategy implemented by the two coaches, Nunziata Camine (Italy U-21) and Indra Sjafri (Indonesia U-20), will be the key to achieving victory. Individual moments or unexpected events can influence the outcome of a match.

This is the first meeting between Italy U-21 and Indonesia U-20 in all competitions. The Italy U-21 vs Indonesia U-20 match in the 2024 Toulon Cup is predicted to be an interesting match full of drama.

The Indonesian U-20 national team lost again in the 2024 Toulon Cup in yesterday's match. This defeat is a valuable lesson for Garuda Muda to continue to develop and improve the quality of their game.

The coach of the Indonesian U-20 National Team, Indra Sjafri, acknowledged Italy's superiority in this match. He said that his team needed to improve their finishing so they could compete with strong teams in the 2024 Toulon Cup.

Score Prediction

If you look at the H2H and the squad that will be fielded in the match as well as the performance of the two teams this season in the 2024 Touloun Cup, it seems that the match will end with a score of 3-1 in favor of Italy.

Italy vs Indonesia Streaming Link

For those of you who love football, especially the 2024 Touloun Cup match and want to watch Italy vs Indonesia, you can watch the match live online using the tools below.

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