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STY Asks for New Striker for Round 3 of 2026 World Cup Qualification

NOBARTV.CO.ID STY asks for a new striker, the Indonesian National Team has been confirmed to qualify for the third round of 2026 World Cup Qualification. However, coach Shin Tae-yong hopes that in the next, tougher match, he will get additional quality players in the attacking sector.

The Garuda squad has played six matches in the second round of the 2026 World Cup Qualifications in the Asian zone. These six matches have been played since 2023 and ended in June this month.

From these six matches, the Garuda squad has scored a total of 8 goals. Meanwhile, from the defense side, Indonesia's goal has been conceded the same number of times, namely 8. However, even though the number of goals conceded and conceded is the same, Marselino Ferdinan et al are certain to advance to the third round.

This is because they finished as runners-up in Group F with a record of three wins and one draw. Shin Tae-yong's team accompanied Iraq as group winners who performed impressively throughout the second round of World Cup Qualification. Jesus Casas' team is listed as one of the teams in the second round of World Cup Qualification that always wins. Ali Jasim et al got 18 points from these six matches. Meanwhile, Indonesia, the runner-up position – as mentioned earlier they achieved with a record 10 points.

But unfortunately, the most highlighted thing about the Garuda squad's qualification is the attack line which has yet to show its strength. For your information, of the 8 goals scored by the Garuda squad during the second round, only one goal was scored by a player in a pure striker position. Ramadhan Sananta, the Persis Solo player, is the only pure Indonesian national team striker who scored a goal throughout the second half of the 2026 World Cup Qualification. Apart from him, the majority are midfielders and defenders. They are Pattynama (defender), Ridho (defender), Idzes (defender), Haye (midfielder), Saddil (winger), Egy (winger), and Oratmangoen (winger).

STY Asks for New Striker for Round 3 of 2026 World Cup Qualification
The Indonesian National Team players are celebrating (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

As a result, this became a special concern for Shin Tae-yong after the match against the Philippines yesterday. Moreover, in the third round, the Indonesian National Team squad will face a much more difficult opponent. Therefore, Shin at yesterday's press conference hoped to get a quality player in the striker position. Shin himself did not explain in detail whether he wanted new naturalized players in this sector or not.

“Honestly, I can't give good marks to the front line. Indeed, they must evaluate themselves well. "I will continue to look for other forward players," said Shin Tae Yong after the match.

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