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Malaysian Media Highlights Justin Hubner's Satire towards Hereditary Players

NOBARTV.CO.ID Malaysian media highlights Justin Hubner, neighboring Malaysian media highlights the statement of Indonesian national team retainer Justin Hubner on his social media. Previously, Justin was known to have made a surprising statement via his Instagram story.

The success of the Garuda squad in reaching the third round of the 2026 World Cup Qualifications is still being discussed to this day. Yes, how could it not be, this qualification is the first time this has happened in history. And this time, Indonesia was the only team from Southeast Asia to qualify for the round.

Previously, Vietnam and Thailand had reached the third round in World Cup Qualification. Even though in the third round both teams were battered and beaten by their opponents, this did not necessarily mean that the Garuda squad's progress this time was suppressed. The success of Marselino Ferdinan et al must be celebrated with great fanfare.

As a result, after being confirmed to qualify for the third round of the 2026 World Cup Qualifications in the Asian zone through the victory over the Philippines yesterday, the average player uploaded this precious moment. The Garuda squad retainer expressed his pride at being able to make history by qualifying for the third round. In fact, not only will they have the opportunity to face strong teams (in the third round), Shin Tae-yong's team will also certainly appear in the 2027 Asian Cup. Unlike before (2023 Asian Cup) which had to take part in the qualifying round first, this time (2027 Asian Cup) the Garuda squad is certain to qualify for the following final round with 17 other teams.

However, interestingly, apart from the excitement about the Garuda squad qualifying, there was one quite intriguing statement made by Justin Hubner. The Cerezo Osaka player who plays as a defender uploaded a statement on his Instagram story. This upload created a lot of perception so it also became the attention of one of the media from Malaysia.

Malaysian Media Highlights Justin Hubner's Satire towards Hereditary Players
Justin Hubner with the Indonesian National Team (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

“Before no one wanted to play for Indonesia, and now they see us playing well and they want to join. Funny people,” Hubner wrote.

Allegedly, Hubner addressed this sentence to players of descent who previously refused to defend the Indonesian national team. However, after the Garuda squad performed well in several other matches, they were busy wanting to join as part of the Garuda squad.

Yes, it cannot be denied that previously, PSSI had explored several hereditary players to join the Indonesian National Team. However, not everyone wants and wants to be part of the Garuda squad. Justin Hubner, Shayne Pattynama, and Calvin Verdonk are three of the players who are willing and willing to defend the Indonesian national team.

Reporting from Indonesian CNN, "Many netizens reacted to Justin Hubner's critical attitude. "Netizens are speculating about a number of players who previously rejected the offer to become naturalized players for the Indonesian National Team who are now determined to wear the Garuda symbol on their chest."

“A number of players who have been linked to Hubner's attitude are Mees Hilger and Kevin Diks. "Kevin Diks rejected Indonesia's proposal first, around 2022, while Hilger refused in 2023."

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