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5 Garuda Squad Retainers Who Have Deadly Throws, Who Are They?

NOBARTV.CO.ID 5 Indonesian players with deadly throws. Talking about throw-in skills, our thoughts are of course focused on the figure of Pratama Arhan. Well, apart from Arhan, it turns out there are several Indonesian national team players who also have the same skills. Anyone?

Throw-ins in football are something that is normal. The ball will be thrown in when the ball completely crosses the side line. This applies only when the ball passes the edge of the field. If the ball crosses a line parallel to the goal, there are two possibilities. If before the ball crosses the goal line it hits the body of an opposing player, the ball will be kicked by the goalkeeper to start the match. But if the ball hits the goalkeeper or a player who is being attacked, there will be a corner kick.

Well, this time, what is being discussed is not related to that. However, this is related to throw-ins taken from the long line of the field. On the one hand, as mentioned earlier, throw-ins are commonplace. But not if the players who get the opportunity make good use of it.

5 Garuda Squad Retainers Who Have Deadly Throws, Who Are They?
Welber Jardim in action with the Indonesian U17 National Team (source: IG @love_gbk)

Usually, in this way, a ball thrown is very dangerous if it bounces too high. This method is often used by the Indonesian National Team when facing its opponents. Pratama Arhan is a figure who is often trusted to make throw-ins. Arhan has a very dangerous throw-in skill. Sometimes, the goals scored by Indonesia often come from this method.

Including Pratama Arhan, there are five Indonesian national team players who have this skill. Who are they?

1. Pratama Arhan 

The first figure is of course Pratama Arhan. Throwing in the Suwon FC players several times had sweet results for the Garuda squad. One of the most recent was Egy Maulana Vikri's goal against Vietnam in the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers last March.

At that time, the ball thrown by Arhan caused Vietnam's back line to become disorganized. As a result, the rebound ball which should have been thrown as far as possible actually hit Egy Maulana Vikri's leg.

2. Alfeandra Dewangga

In the same year as Arhan, Dewangga is also often trusted to throw in when he plays for the Indonesian national team. However, Dewangga would not have been trusted if Arhan had also played in the match.

One of Dewangga's throws that had sweet results was when Indonesia appeared in the 2023 SEA Games final against Thailand. The PSIS Semarang player's throw-in was perfectly headed by Ramadhan Sananta, resulting in a goal.

3. Robi Darwis

The name Robi Darwis is certainly familiar to football fans from the generation of Marselino Ferdinan et al. Had been projected to appear at the 20 U2023 World Cup, Robi Darwis' name was one of the players prepared to appear at the event. Not infrequently, Robi in several trial matches for the young Garuda squad at that time became Shin Tae-yong's confidant. One of Robi Darwis' fatal throws was when the Indonesian National Team had a trial with Moldova in 2022.

4. Welber Jardim

Player of Indonesian – Brazilian descent, Welber Jardim, is now a trusted member of the U20 National Team squad. Together with Indra Sjafri, Welber is always trusted to throw in. Most recently, he became a trusted member of the Garuda squad at the Toulon Tournament in France.

5. Fabio Azka Irawan 

Again and again, the Indonesian National Team does not run out of stock of players who have similar qualities. It was Fabio Azka Irawan, a U16 national team player who recently made an assist with a throw-in.

The ball thrown by Fabio was struck perfectly by Mierza, resulting in a goal in Indonesia's first match in the AFF U16 Cup against Singapore. In this match, Nova Arianto's team won with a final score of 3-0.

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