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Want Michael Olise! This is the price Bayern Munich has to pay

NOBARTV.CO.ID Bayern Munich has informed Crystal Palace of the formal process to activate Michael Olise's release clause.

According to a tweet from renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano, the release clause includes a fixed fee of £45 million for Crystal Palace, plus an additional £5 million as part of the deal.

A personal agreement with Michael Olise has been agreed, with a contract duration of five years. This shows that Bayern Munich is very serious about getting this talented young player, and Olise is also ready to face new challenges in the German Bundesliga.

Olise's contribution to Bayern Munich

If Bayern Munich manages to get Michael Olise, they will strengthen their front line. Olise, known for his dribbling abilities and creativity, would be a valuable addition to Bayern Munich's squad. It is hoped that Olise's presence will increase the team's attacking power and provide variety in game tactics.

Michael Olise's Career Journey

Michael Olise is a talented young player and has put in impressive performances at Crystal Palace.

With the ability to play in several positions in midfield and front, Olise is one of the players being targeted by many big European clubs. A move to Bayern Munich would be a big step in his career and provide the opportunity to play in one of the best leagues in the world.

For Crystal Palace, the sale of Michael Olise for a total of £50 million is a significant financial gain. Funds from this transfer can be used to strengthen the team and find potential replacements.

Apart from that, Olise's success at a big club like Bayern Munich will also provide positive credit for Crystal Palace's academy and youth development program.

New Challenges in the Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is one of the top leagues in Europe, and playing in Germany will provide a new challenge for Michael Olise. Tight competition and a different atmosphere will test Olise's abilities and mentality as a professional player.

However, with his talent and dedication, it is hoped that Olise can adapt quickly and make a positive contribution to Bayern Munich.


Bayern Munich has taken serious steps to bring in Michael Olise from Crystal Palace by activating the player's release clause. A private agreement has been reached on a five-year contract, demonstrating a long-term commitment from both parties.

It is hoped that Olise's presence at Bayern Munich will strengthen the team's front line and bring new colors to their playing strategy.

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