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PSSI Wants GBK Grass to be Equivalent to Euro 2024

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NOBARTV.CO.ID PSSI wants GBK to be like a Euro field. The biggest football event between European countries, aka the Euro, is being held. This event, which was held in Germany, used stadiums that we often see when watching the German League. The stadium grass at the Euros sparked PSSI's attention, making them want GBK to have the same quality (grass).

As is known, some time ago, the Garuda squad played two matches against Iraq and the Philippines in the 2026 World Cup Qualification event in the Asian zone. In these two matches, Marselino Ferdinan et al successfully won one match. Meanwhile, in another match, namely against Iraq, they gave up.

Nevertheless, the victory over the Philippines gave the Garuda Squad the right to advance to the third round of the 2026 World Cup Qualifications. Next, in the third round, the Indonesian National Team will play a total of 10 matches against five different teams.

But unfortunately, behind the history of Indonesia being able to qualify for the third round, there is still one important thing remaining. Yes, when yesterday's two matches were held at GBK, the stadium grass where the matches were played received the attention of many people. Not because it is beautiful, but the condition of the grass is very worrying.

In some parts, the grass looked black, making the field not completely flat. To the point where, in the press conference session after the match, Shin Tae-yong asked that GBK no longer be used as a concert venue. Yes, before Indonesia's two duels against the Philippines and Iraq yesterday, GBK was used as a concert venue for an idol group from South Korea. It is suspected that the poor condition of the grass was caused by the fact that the site had been used previously so that maintenance could not be carried out optimally.

PSSI Wants GBK Grass to be Equivalent to Euro 2024
GBK grass condition (source: IG @love_gbk)

In this regard, PSSI General Chair Erick Thohir hopes that the GBK management will immediately improve. Some time ago Erick asked that the GBK grass be equivalent to the stadium grass used as the venue for Euro 2024.

"If we look at the Euro [match] last night [the quality of the field grass] was good, so GBK should be like that too," explained Erick Thohir.

Moreover, said Erick Thohir, next September, GBK will receive a guest of honor, namely Pope Francis. Therefore, GBK must prepare all forms of facilities and infrastructure – including the stadium grass.

"There are state guests, world figures, whose arrival we also have to appreciate," added Erick.

"In October, November, [the Indonesian national team will compete again after being in Surabaya] at GBK, I hope that the quality of the GBK grass must be accounted for," he concluded.

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