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Horror Film Longlegs, Released July 2024 What Date?

NOBARTV.CO.ID The month of July 2024 will apparently be marked by many horror films, one of which is entitled Longlegs.

Longlegs is a horror film directed by Oz Preksins, who previously worked on other horror films such as The Blackcoat's Daughter.

After releasing the trailer for the horror film Longlegs on May 20 2024, the video has been watched 9,8 million times.

Wow, what makes this horror film interesting to so many people? What is the synopsis of the story and when is the broadcast schedule? Check out the following information.


Longlegs is a horror film that tells the story of Lee Harker, a new FBI agent.

As a new and rookie agent, Lee Harker is asked to handle a cold case of a serial killer known as Longlegs.

The serial killer case has not been solved for a long time, even though the killer has left traces.

The killer left traces related to occultism as well Nine Circles of Hell at the crime scene (TKP).

However, when the case turns more complex and complicated, Harker finds new evidence.

He discovered that magic was used in the murder process carried out by Longlegs.

On the other hand, it turns out that he discovered a personal connection with the serial killer.

Lee Harker finally had to act quickly to stop the serial killer, before the lives of his entire family were taken.


This latest horror film, which will be released in July 2024, is predicted to be very successful, because this film stars famous actors and actresses.

There are two actors who have confirmed their involvement in this film, namely Maika Monroe, who has received the nickname Scream Queen. 

Apart from that, Nicolas Cage also plays a role in this film, previously he was involved in the films Willy's Wonderland and Renfield.

It's not just the names of famous actors that make this film interesting, the name Oz Perkins, who is the director of this film, makes Longlegs even more anticipated.

Oz Perkins himself has been successful with two horror films entitled The Blackcoat's Daughter and I Am Pretty Thing That Lives in the House.

The five production houses involved in this film, namely Neon, Saturn Films, C2 Motion Picture Group, Automatic Entertainment and Oddfellows Entertainment, have previously uploaded several posters and trailers.

The trailer for this film itself has successfully caught the attention of netizens and has even been watched 9,8 million times.

One of the posters for the horror film Longlegs (SC: Instagram @neonrated)
One of the posters for the horror film Longlegs (SC: Instagram @neonrated)

Neon, as one of the production houses for this film, has also released several quite mysterious film posters.

One of them shows a little girl who is said to have just had her 8th birthday.

He stood in front of a house full of snow while looking back.

Apparently these posters were not only made to introduce this horror film.

But the director also wants the audience to decode the codes and symbols shared in the poster.


After releasing the short video trailer, horror film lovers can't wait for the release schedule for Longlegs.

The plan is that this film will be released globally in cinemas starting July 12, 2024.

However, the screening schedule in Indonesian cinemas has not yet been confirmed by the Neon production house.

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