1990 Ford Laser: Is It Still Worth It for Daily Use?

NOBARTV.CO.ID In 1990, Ford Laser arrived in Indonesia with several interesting variants. Carrying the code KC, this car is based on the fifth generation Mazda 323 with chassis code BF. This model is often used as a taxi in Indonesia, demonstrating its reliability in dealing with tough road conditions and daily use. The following is an overview and review of the 1990 Ford Laser and various other variants.

Ford Laser KC

The Ford Laser KC is based on the fifth generation Mazda 323 (BF), which in Indonesia is often used as a taxi. This car is known for its very low price and affordable maintenance.

However, there are significant drawbacks. Poorly maintained used cars can cause a lot of repair and maintenance problems, so they can end up spending a lot of time in the repair shop rather than on the road. In this condition, selling it to a scrap yard might be wiser.


  • Very cheap price.
  • Affordable care.


  • Potential high repair costs if conditions are not maintained.
  • Spent a lot of time in the workshop.

Ford Laser Gala

1990 Ford Laser: Is It Still Worth It for Daily Use?
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The Ford Laser Gala is similar to the Mazda Interplay and Timor sedan in terms of spare parts. This variant uses a more powerful 1600cc engine, making it a better choice for daily use than the KC.


  • Powerful 1600cc engine.
  • Spare parts are easy to find due to similarities with Mazda Interplay and Timor.


  • Prices are higher than KC.
  • Maintenance is slightly more expensive.

Ford Laser Sonic

The Ford Laser Sonic is a more unique variant with some of the same parts as the Ford Laser KH. However, the engines are different even though they both have a capacity of 1300cc. The engine used is a Mazda E3, while KH uses a Mazda B3. Due to its unique specifications, Sonic is suitable for modification projects aimed at replacing the engine.


  • Some spare parts are the same as KH.
  • Suitable for modification projects.


  • The machine is different from other variants, it is more difficult to find spare parts.
  • Not suitable for daily use without modification.

Ford Laser Champ

The Ford Laser Champ is an interesting variant because it is a hatchback with quite high performance. This car uses the same engine as the Mazda Astina and MX-5 Miata 1800cc, producing 140 hp.

Even though maintenance is not as cheap as other variants, the Champ is an ideal choice for fast car fans who want to appear "sleeper" or inconspicuous.


  • Large 1800cc engine power.
  • Suitable for speed and modification fans.


  • More expensive maintenance.
  • Not as easy as other variants in terms of spare parts availability.


Is a 1990 Ford Laser still suitable for daily use? The answer really depends on the variant chosen and the condition of the car when purchased.

  • Ford Laser KC: Very cheap but high risk in terms of repair and maintenance.
  • Ford Laser Gala: The best choice for daily use with a powerful engine and easy to find spare parts.
  • Ford Laser Sonic: Great for modification projects, but less than ideal for daily use without major changes.
  • Ford Laser Champ: Ideal for speed enthusiasts who are ready to spend more on maintenance and modifications.

Choosing the right variant and the condition of the car at the time of purchase really determines whether the 1990 Ford Laser is suitable for everyday use. If you consider the cost and availability of spare parts, the Ford Laser Gala seems to be the most rational choice.

However, for fans of modification and speed, the Ford Laser Sonic and Champ offer interesting potential to explore.

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