Check the specifications and features of the 2023 Xenia, a cool car that is suitable for families

NOBARTV.CO.ID Daihatsu Xenia has long been known as a reliable family vehicle in Indonesia. With a powerful engine, spacious cabin, interior that suits family needs, and adequate luggage, the Xenia has become a favorite choice among many families. In 2023, the Daihatsu

Exterior of Xenia 2023

The Daihatsu Xenia 2023 appears with a more modern and dynamic design than its predecessor. Honeycomb grill which is located at the front of the car combined with LED lights Daytime Running Light (RDL) is flat, giving a modern and futuristic impression.

The vehicle lighting system has made extensive use of LED technology, including high beams, low beams and turn signal lights on the rear view mirrors. In the highest variant, LED technology even includes reverse lights and rear door lights.

Using LEDs has several advantages, such as increasing fuel efficiency, heat resistance, and producing brighter light.

The Xenia 2023 has longer and wider dimensions with a length of 4395 mm, a width of 1730 mm and a height of 1690 mm, making it larger but still proportional.

Xenia 2023 interiors

Check the specifications and features of the 2023 Xenia, a cool car that is suitable for families
2023 Xenia Car Interior Image (Sc: IG: Daihatsu Indonesia)

Entering the cabin of the latest generation Xenia, you immediately feel an elegant impression. Door trim Black gives a luxurious feel to the interior. Driving comfort is a priority with semi bucket seats made of material Fabric and adjustable headrest.

The electric power steering wheel is equipped with a tilt feature, making it easier for the driver to find the ideal position while driving.

All doors are equipped with power windows, and multifunction buttons on the steering wheel provide easy access to MID, audio, and automatic transmission settings. Some variants are also equipped with keyless entry, and all models have an anti-theft immobilizer and integrated alarm for optimal security.

For entertainment and connectivity, the 7-inch head unit offers radio, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features, providing an enjoyable driving experience. The USB port is hidden in a storage drawer, adding a neat feel to the interior.

The modern dashboard is equipped with plenty of storage compartments, while cup holders near the AC grille provide easy access. Digital air conditioning settings ensure optimal comfort during travel. The cabin space feels more spacious thanks to the flat AC design.

One of the unique features of the Xenia 2023 is the long sofa mode, which allows the second row of seats to drop into the third row to form a sofa like in the living room. This feature does not reduce luggage capacity, so you and your family can stay comfortable when traveling long distances.

2023 Xenia Engine Performance

Daihatsu Xenia 2023 offers two engine options with NR-VE Dual VVT-i technology. The first engine is 1.300 cc with code 1NR-VE which produces 97,9 hp and 121,6 Nm of torque. For higher performance, a 1.500 cc engine coded 2NR-VE is available which produces 106 hp and maximum torque of 138,2 Nm.

These two engines are combined with a transmission Continuously variable transmission (CVT) which distributes power to the front wheels through the system front wheel drive (FWD), guaranteeing responsive and efficient performance in various driving conditions.

Security Features

Daihatsu Xenia is not only superior in features and technology, but also in the safety aspect thanks to the Daihatsu ASA system (Advanced Safety Assist). This system is designed to reduce the risk of injury from frontal collisions, help drivers stay on the right lane, and minimize the potential for accidents due to human error.

Collision Warning Function warns the driver if there is an object in front of the vehicle. Hill-Start Assist on the 1.5 R type it prevents the car from going backwards on an incline. Pedal Misoperation Control avoids incorrect use of the pedal. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) on the CVT variant and 1.5 R type detects and prevents dangerous maneuvers. Security Alarms in types 1.3 R and 1.5 R provide warnings of potential danger.

Leading Vehicle Departure Warning useful during traffic jams, temporary Lane Departure Warning & Prevention keep the car on track. ABS & EBD on all types optimizes braking. The immobilizer on the 1.3 R and 1.5 R types increases security against theft.

The 2023 Xenia is also equipped with dual airbags in the front seats, rear parking sensors, and Side Impact Steel beams at the front, rear and side doors for maximum protection in the event of a collision. All these features make the Daihatsu Xenia a safe and comfortable choice for families.

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