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10 Home Interior Design Trends in 2024, Number 9 Returns to Retro Style

NOBARTV.CO.ID – The year 2024 brings various innovations and fresh ideas to the world of home interior design.

Although home interior design trends come and go, some concepts remain relevant and even become more popular over time.

Below are 10 home interior design trends in 2024, number 9 is a return to retro style.

1. Use of natural colors

2024 interior design trends are heavily influenced by nature-inspired color palettes. Colors such as leaf green, earth brown, sky blue, and sun yellow dominate the color palette this year.

These colors provide a calming feel and blend with the surrounding environment, creating a cool and refreshing atmosphere in the house.

This natural color combination is not only applied to walls, but also to furniture, accessories and home textiles.

2. Multifunctional Furniture

With the decreasing area of ​​housing in urban areas, multifunctional furniture is becoming a practical solution that is increasingly popular.

This trend allows home residents to maximize every corner of their space with furniture that can be used for various purposes.

For example, a sofa that can be converted into a bed, a dining table that can be folded into a wall shelf, or a bed with storage drawers underneath.

This smart and innovative design helps create a space that is both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Natural Material Touch

Natural materials such as wood, stone and bamboo are increasingly popular in interior design in 2024.

This touch of natural material gives a warm and organic impression to the room, and increases the connection with nature.

Wood floors, stone tables, and bamboo decorations are some examples of using natural materials that can add character to a home.

Apart from that, the use of natural materials also reflects awareness of sustainability and environmental friendliness.

4. Sustainable Design

Awareness of the importance of sustainability is increasing, and this is reflected in 2024 interior design trends.

Sustainable design not only focuses on the use of environmentally friendly materials, but also on energy efficiency and waste management.

For example, using furniture made from recycled materials, utilizing solar energy with solar panels, or implementing an efficient water management system.

This sustainable design is not only good for the environment, but also helps save costs in the long run.

5. Open and multifunctional space

Open and multifunctional spaces are one of the main trends in home interior design in 2024.

The open-plan concept which combines several room functions such as the kitchen, dining room and living room in one open area is increasingly popular.

This design creates a spacious, bright impression and invites interaction between the occupants of the house.

Apart from that, using partitions that are flexible and easy to move is also a solution to create a dynamic space according to your needs.

6. Smart Technology

The integration of smart technology in home interior design is growing rapidly.

In 2024, smart homes equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) devices will become increasingly common.

This technology allows controlling various household devices such as lighting, security systems and electronic equipment via smartphone or voice.

The presence of smart technology not only increases comfort, but also energy efficiency and home security.

7. Minimalist and functional style

Minimalist style remains a favorite in 2024, but with a more functional touch.

The less is more principle is applied consistently by choosing simple but functional furniture and decoration.

A room that is clean, organized and free of unnecessary items creates a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

The minimalist style also allows home residents to focus more on quality over quantity, by choosing items that are durable and multifunctional.

8. Eclectic Touch

Eclectic design, which combines various styles and elements from different eras, is an interesting trend in 2024.

This style allows home residents to express their personality through a combination of vintage furniture, modern decor, and ethnic accessories.

Eclectic touches give you the freedom to play with color, texture and pattern, creating a room that is unique and full of character.

The key to this style is maintaining balance so that the room remains harmonious even though it consists of various different elements.

9. Return to Retro Style

Retro styles from the 70s and 80s are making a comeback in 2024.

Interior design with a retro feel presents bright colors, geometric patterns and furniture with distinctive shapes.

This style gives a touch of nostalgia while refreshing the appearance of the house.

Some elements that can be adopted from the retro style are wallpaper with striking motifs, armchairs with wooden legs, and uniquely shaped hanging lamps.

This retro style gives positive energy and cheerfulness to the room.

10. Use of Ornamental Plants

Ornamental plants remain an important element in interior design in 2024. The presence of ornamental plants not only beautifies a room, but also provides health benefits by improving air quality and providing a calming effect.

Ornamental plants such as monstera, cacti and succulents are favorite choices because they are easy to care for and have attractive shapes.

Apart from that, using plant pots with aesthetic designs can also be an additional decoration that beautifies the room.

Those are 10 home interior design trends in 2024, number 9 is a return to retro style. Hope it is useful.

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