Choice of Used Cars for Families with a Budget of 70-90 Million in Yogyakarta

NOBARTV NEWS  If you have a budget of between 70 and 90 million rupiah, which car would you choose for your daily family vehicle: Vios, Xenia, Avanza, or Jazz?

In choosing an economical and comfortable family car with a budget of 70-90 million, it is important to consider various aspects such as maintenance costs, comfort and reliability.

In Yogyakarta, there are several interesting used car options that are worth considering. Below are several recommendations and analysis of several popular models such as Vios, Xenia, Avanza, and Jazz.

Used Car Recommendations

  1. Toyota Corolla Altis :Toyota Corolla Altis is famous for the comfort and reliability of its engines. It offers a smooth and comfortable driving experience, and has a good reputation for durability.
  2. Nissan Grand Livina / Nissan Livina: The Nissan Grand Livina is known as a comfortable family car with spacious cabin space. This car has good handling and relatively easy and affordable maintenance.
  3. 2004 Honda Civic: The 2004 Honda Civic is still an attractive choice for a used car. Stylish design and reliable engines keep it relevant. Maintenance that is not too expensive is an added value of this car.
  4. 2001 Honda CRV: The 2001 Honda CRV offers spacious cabin space and a comfortable driving position. Even though it is quite old, this car is still worth considering because of the reliability of its engine.
  5. First Generation Suzuki Swift (2005–2008): The first generation Suzuki Swift offers a pleasant driving experience with high torque and responsive pulling. This car also has easy maintenance and spare parts costs are not too expensive.

Analysis of Vios, Xenia, Avanza and Jazz cars

To support the daily mobility of a large family, buying a family car could be the right choice. Let me help you do the analysis

Toyota Vios

Choice of Used Cars for Families with a Budget of 70-90 Million in Yogyakarta
Image of the Third Generation Toyota Vios Car (Sc:

The Toyota Vios often comes in ex-taxi form, namely the Toyota Limo. This model has a speedometer located in the middle of the dashboard, which some people may not like. However, the machine is quite reliable and easy to maintain.

Daihatsu Xenia / Toyota Avanza

Xenia and Avanza are known as economical family cars and can accommodate up to 7 passengers. However, the first generation of this car was less comfortable and had limited power due to the 1300 cc engine. In addition, these cars are often targets for theft, which adds to the worries of their owners.

Honda jazz

The 2004–2008 Honda Jazz has a unique design but may not be liked by everyone. Nevertheless, this car offers typical Honda comfort and luxury. If possible, the next generation model (2009) would be a better choice due to its more modern design and features.


Choosing a used car for a family with a budget of 70-90 million does require careful consideration. From the analysis above, the next generation Honda Jazz or other used cars such as the Suzuki Swift and Toyota Corolla Altis could be a better choice based on economic and comfort aspects.

Even though Avanza and Xenia have low maintenance costs, comfort and safety are also important factors.

A comfortable car will have a positive impact on the driver's emotional and physical well-being, which in turn can increase productivity and quality of time with family.

So, for families in Yogyakarta who are looking for a used car on a limited budget, considering the factors above will help find a car that is not only economical but also provides comfort and reliability in the long term.

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