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Do you need life insurance if you already have BPJS? This is the answer

NOBARTV.CO.ID BPJS is a type of health insurance provided by the government with cheap premiums, but if you already have BPJS, do you need other life insurance?

Please note that BPJS Health is a health insurance product provided by the National Health Insurance (JKN) program.

Therefore, contribution costs are cheaper than from companies providing health insurance or life insurance services.

However, is life insurance still needed if you already have BPJS? What are the benefits or risks?


BPJS has one program that is quite promising, namely death insurance provided by BPJS Employment.

Through this program, the heirs of BPJS participants can receive a certain amount of cash if the BPJS card holder dies not due to a work accident.

Even though it sounds guaranteed, you also need to think about the family left behind, because BPJS Health will notcover that matter.

For this reason, life insurance can be used as a complement to health insurance provided by BPJS.

If you choose the right company, life insurance can provide benefits in the form of insurance money or also known as compensation.

This compensation will be received by the family of the life insurance participant who has died.

More than that, life insurance can even provide double the compensation if the premium holder dies due to an accident.


Another reason why it is necessary to buy life insurance premiums is because this product will provide flexible protection.

Compared to BPJS, life insurance provides greater flexibility in choosing the health service provider or hospital that the premium holder wants.

Some life insurance policies even have quite a wide range of providers or service providers.

This is certainly beneficial, because it allows policy holders to get treatment at a hospital or clinic that suits their tastes or preferences.


inpatient illustration (SC: Pexels/ Alex Green)
inpatient illustration (SC: Pexels/ Alex Green)

Another point that makes life insurance necessary even though you have chosen BPJS is because of the many benefits.

One of them is a service in the form of daily inpatient compensation, if the patient needs medical services at the hospital.

Compensation money will later be given to patients on a daily basis or calculated per day of hospitalization.

The function of this compensation money is to replace lost income due to the sick condition of the premium holder.

Life insurance certainly understands that when the premium holder is sick and hospitalized, it is certainly not possible for the patient to work.

This is taken into careful consideration, so that patients do not need to worry about financial income being hampered because they are sick.

Apart from that, this compensation money can also be used as a replacement for expenses when a family member accompanies or visits.


Many Indonesians are reluctant to take out health insurance or life insurance premiums because they are worried they won't get their money back.

In some types of health insurance, money can be returned if a claim is made by the premium holder.

However, in life insurance, the money can be returned even if there is no claim from the premium holder.

There are several insurance providers that provide a return premium guarantee scheme, even though there is no death claim in the policy contract.

Meanwhile, the amount of premium value that will be returned depends and varies according to the policy contract.

Those are four reasons why life insurance is important even if you already have BPJS Health.

This is because life insurance provides services that are not offered by BPJS Health, but make sure you always read the policy, terms and conditions carefully and carefully.

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