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List of the Top 3 Best Health Insurance in Indonesia, Guaranteed to be Trusted!

NOBARTV.CO.ID Health is indeed expensive, therefore it is better to prepare yourself for the future with trusted health insurance in Indonesia.

If you want to find health insurance, make sure you register with a trusted company and of course with cheap premiums.

So, if you are confused, take a look at the list of the top three best health insurances in Indonesia in 2024 which offer the best service with cheap premiums.


The first company to be included in the top 3 best health insurance in Indonesia is Allianz, a familiar insurance company in Indonesia.

This company started its business by opening its first representative office in 1981 and is still standing today.

Currently, this insurance company has three entities consisting of PT. Allianz Life Indonesia Insurance, PT. Allianz Utama Indonesia Insurance and PT. Allianz Life Syariah Insurance Indonesia.

Allianz is a fairly popular insurance company and offers various attractive offers to its customers.

Quoted from the official Allianz website, it is known that this company has more than 122 million individual and corporate customers in more than 70 countries.

This number of customers certainly proves that this company is able to maintain trust by providing the best service!

From Allianz health insurance, there is a service called No. claim bonuses that customers can take later.

So, customers will still get a 20% refund, even if they don't submit any claims.

For this reason, Allianz insurance deserves to be an option if you want to ensure the security of your funds in the future.

2. Sinar Mas Insurance

Sinar Mas health insurance logo (SC:
Sinar Mas health insurance logo (SC:

Apart from Allianz, health insurance from Sinar Mas is also quite popular and well-known in Indonesia.

The company called PT. Sinar Mas Insurance has even been established since 1985 and changed its name to Sinar Mas Dipta Loss Insurance in 1991.

To date, Sinar Mas Insurance has a network spread widely throughout Indonesia.

The popularity of Sinar Mas Insurance is none other than due to the trust that the company has been able to build and of course good service.

This insurance could be an option, if you want to find a service that provides full guarantees for health protection.

Apart from that, Sinar Mas also provides a good and widely used health insurance service.

Even this insurance company got it rating which is quite good, namely AA+ based on the rating Insurance Financial Strength. 

Well, sure rating This proves that Sinar Mas is considered capable of providing reliable health protection services.

3. AXA Mandiri

AXA Mandiri is a health insurance product issued by Bank Mandiri.

Health protection products from AXA Mandiri are considered the best in Indonesia and can be trusted.

Moreover, the services provided by the company have a complete choice and are of course tailored to the needs of the Indonesian people.

There are various kinds of attractive health insurance products and premiums at very affordable costs.

AXA Mandiri customers can choose health insurance products with premiums starting from only IDR 100 thousand!

So, customers can adjust their needs and availability of costs so that they are not burdensome in the future.

However, if you are interested in the cheap premiums offered by AXA Mandiri, make sure to look carefully at the factors that influence it.

Examples include what percentage of costs can be claimed and what kind of health protection is offered.

Therefore, make sure to always read the terms and conditions of health insurance products carefully and thoroughly.

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