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Class! Maarten Paes is the main target of Italian club Empoli

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NOBARTV.CO.ID Paes is a target for Empoli, Italian club Empoli is said to be eyeing the services of Indonesian player Maarten Paes. In fact, Paes is the main target for the club which is based at the Carlo Castellani Stadium.

Last season, Empoli finished at the bottom of the Italian Serie A final standings. Empoli ended the 2023-2024 season in 17th place. It is only one strip higher than Frosinone (18th) which will have to be relegated to Serie B next season.

Yes, Empoli was lucky enough because last season they were not relegated. In fact, the points they got were slightly different from the three teams that were relegated. For your information, Empoli – as mentioned earlier, finished in 17th position with a record of 36 points. Meanwhile, Frosinone, the team that is ranked 18th, has 35 points. Therefore, Empoli is quite lucky to be able to survive in the highest competition in Italy.

Therefore, in order to avoid incidents like last season, Empoli has started making plans to strengthen its squad. Interestingly, one of the main players Empoli is targeting is Maarten Paes. Paes himself is an Indonesian player who recently completed his naturalization process. Rumors that Paes was interested were revealed by an Italian journalist named Di Marzio.

"Empoli made their first choice of goalkeeper Maarten Paes, a goalkeeper with dual Indonesian and Dutch citizenship who plays for the Dallas club in MLS," wrote Di Marzio on his personal Instagram account.

Class! Maarten Paes is the main target of Italian club Empoli
Maarten Paes' expression after the match
(source: IG @maartenpaes)

Apart from Paes, said Di Marzio, Empoli is also targeting Anthony Racioppi. Anthony Racioppi himself is a goalkeeper from Switzerland who currently plays for Young Boys. Racioppi is only an option if Paes fails to bring him to Empoli. This anticipatory step was taken because Paes himself still has one more season of contract with his club FC Dallas.

“Another candidate is Anthony Racioppi from YoungBoys, a Swiss goalkeeper,” continued Di Marzio's post.

Paes has not been able to strengthen the Indonesian national team 

In the midst of the happy news regarding the player's interest, there is bad news that also accompanies it. Until now, Paes has not been able to strengthen the Indonesian national team.

In fact, this former FC Utrecht player has completed his naturalization process several months ago. However, because he had defended the Dutch national team at the age of 21, FIFA could not immediately grant his request to change federations. On that basis, PSSI is still struggling to resolve this problem.

"We are continuing to fight. Whether it's CAS or where, of course we have a process. In FIFA everything, we have a process. "But the process is to fight once, then after that you fight again," said PSSI Exco member Arya Sinulingga regarding Paes' problems.

“There are boundaries. There is a limit after a decision that can no longer be challenged, for example. "Before that happens, we are here first," he added.

“Why did you go there [CAS] first? There are stages that we can see that we can still pursue until the end of the process. Don't worry, we can't be here, go straight there. Don't. So, there is a period of time after the first rejection. Yes, we are fighting again. There's still that time. So we do it all. "It has to be like this," concluded Arya.

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