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PSSI Reveals the Illness Suffering from STY

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NOBARTV.CO.ID Shin Tae-yong underwent treatment for STY's illness when he returned home to Korea. Yesterday, PSSI explained the illness suffered by the Indonesian national team coach.

After beating the Philippines at GBK in the second round of the 2026 World Cup Qualification yesterday, Indonesian National Team coach Shin Tae-yong immediately returned to Korea. It was initially said that Shin's return was in order to take a break from his long activities with the Indonesian National Team.

Yes, since the beginning of 2024, Shin has been busy with various important agendas with the Indonesian National Team. 2023 Asian Cup in January 2024, then followed by World Cup Qualification in March. After that, Shin brought his team back to the 23 U2024 Asian Cup. It didn't end there, they played in the 2024 Paris Olympic play-offs, and finally the World Cup Qualifiers against Iraq and the Philippines last June.

Surprisingly, Shin's return gave rise to a lot of speculation. Shin was said to be undergoing treatment when he was in his hometown. Not only that, there is other news which says that in Korea, Shin is being approached by the KFA aka the South Korean Football Federation. It is said that Shin is being lobbied to become the new South Korean national team coach. These rumors are getting stronger because the coach has not yet signed a new contract with the Indonesian National Team.

In the end, Shin agreed to extend his contract with the Indonesian National Team.

PSSI Reveals the Illness Suffering from STY
Shin Tae-yong greeted the fans after the match (source: IG @timnas.indonesia)

And Shin said, the rumor that KFA was interested in him was a hoax. That never happened. In fact, said STY, he was never contacted at all by KFA.

"We have decided to work together with Chairman Erick Thohir until 2027. We ask for your support for Indonesian football," said STY.

"I never received an offer (from the South Korean national team)," he added.

Yesterday, in an interview with journalists, one of the PSSI Exco members, Arya Sinulingga, explained the true condition. Arya denied that STY was being sought after by KFA. In fact, said Arya, Shin had just undergone surgery. Apart from that, Shin carries out several other activities in his hometown. One of them is getting involved in the street naming event. And now, the coach is resting.

“You're healthy, come straight here [to Indonesia]. Yes, it's recovery. Yesterday he just came home. Seeing the football field in his village, he made a name for the road. "There's time to rest," explained Arya.

Reporting from several sources, Shin has reportedly been feeling unwell since last June. At that time, Shin had a cold and cough, so in Korea, he underwent surgery for chest inflammation due to his illness.

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