Toyota Agya 2023: An Attractive Choice in the LGCC and City Car Segments

NOBARTV NEWS The 2023 Toyota Agya has been in the spotlight with various variants that accommodate mobility needs in the LGCC segment (Low Gross Cost Car) and City Car. This model is divided into several main variants such as Agya E and G which still maintain prices below Rp. 200 million, while the GR Sport variant goes up in class with a price exceeding Rp. 200 million.

The role of the All New Agya and All New Agya Sport GR variants

Using the latest platform with an Exciting Car concept, Agya 2023 offers better handling and a modern and ergonomic interior.

The efficient performance of the new 1.200 cc engine as well as improved aerodynamics and suspension in the GR Sport variant make it an attractive choice in this segment.

The All New Agya and All New Agya Sport GR come with their respective roles to meet the needs of users in different segments.

Agya's development is focused on strengthening the basic value of a model in the entry segment, using the latest platform that adopts the Exciting Car concept.

2023 Toyota Agya specifications

The 2023 Toyota Agya uses the latest monocoque platform which was developed together with a suspension system to deal with Indonesia's dynamic road conditions.

This allows the car to have more agile, stable handling, with more controlled body roll, improving overall ride quality.

Modern and Ergonomic Interior

The interior design of the Toyota All New Agya features a horizontal concept that creates a sophisticated and driver-oriented impression.

The instrument panel and door trim adopt a 3-dimensional texture to add a modern feel. The center console and shift lever position have been improved to better support driver ergonomics.

Dashing and Sporty Exterior

From the exterior, the All New Agya shows off a dashing body silhouette with sharp and characteristic design lines. Its compact dimensions with a length of 3.760 mm, width of 1.665 mm, height of 1.505 mm, and wheelbase of 2.250 mm make it ideal as a reliable city car for urban mobility.

Efficient Performance

This car is powered by a new 1.200 cc 3-cylinder Dual VVT-I engine which produces 86,7 horsepower at 6.000 RPM and 113 Nm of torque at 4.500 RPM.

This engine is paired with a compact and efficient CVT transmission, making it the right choice for daily use with efficient fuel consumption.

Toyota Agya GR Sport: Powerful Sporty Version

Toyota Agya 2023: An Attractive Choice in the LGCC and City Car Segments
Image of Toyota Agya GR Sport (

The Toyota Agya GR Sport variant offers a sportier appearance with an aero kit that improves aerodynamics and performance.

Equipped with an exclusive suspension and tighter gear ratios, the Agya GR Sport provides a more agile and responsive driving experience.

Price of Toyota Agya 2023
The following is a price list for various variants of the 2023 Toyota Agya:

  • Agya 1.2 E MT: Rp. 167.9 million
    Agya 1.2 G MT: Rp. 175.4 million
    Agya 1.2 G CVT: Rp. 191.4 million
    Agya 1.2 GR Sport MT one tone: Rp. 237.5 million
    Agya 1.2 GR Sport CVT one tone: Rp. 253.5 million
    Agya 1.2 GR Sport MT two tone: Rp. 240 million
    Agya 1.2 GR Sport CVT two tone: Rp. 256 million

Toyota Agya 2023 offers a wide choice at competitive prices in the LGCC and City Car segments. With the use of the latest platform, efficient engines and modern interior design, Agya remains the main choice for those looking for reliable and economical mobility in urban areas.


Overall, the 2023 Toyota Agya offers an attractive combination of competitive prices, efficient engine performance and modern design both interior and exterior. With various variants that accommodate various needs, from the standard model to the sporty GR Sport variant, the Agya remains a relevant choice in the Indonesian compact vehicle market.

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