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Must Know, Get to Know 5 Types of Insurance According to Your Needs

NOBARTV.CO.ID If you plan to have insurance, you must know the types of insurance that suit your needs.

Make sure to choose an insurance service that suits your needs and weigh it based on other factors.

One type of insurance that is well known is health insurance which is also provided by the National Health Insurance (JKN) in the form of BPJS.

So what other types of insurance do prospective premium holders need to know about? Come on, look at the following information.


The first type of insurance is life insurance which provides financial protection against the risk of life and death of the policy holder.

The main characteristic of life insurance is that it provides benefits in the form of insurance money to the heirs, if the policy holder dies.

If the policy holder still lives until the specified period of time, then they can receive benefits in the form of cash.

The benefits and protection provided by life insurance can be in the form of insurance money which can be used for daily needs.


The most popular type of insurance is health insurance which provides financial protection when the policy holder experiences health problems.

This type of insurance will be useful when customers undergo hospitalization, surgery or other forms of treatment carried out in hospital.

Health insurance is a very important type of insurance and should be considered by everyone.

Because with this insurance, the customer's assets or even finances can be protected while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Health insurance itself has several types, including individual health insurance, family health insurance and company health insurance.


Education insurance illustration (SC: Pexels/ Yan Krukau)
Education insurance illustration (SC: Pexels/ Yan Krukau)

Education insurance is a type of insurance that provides protection and planning for a child's educational future.

Parents must have education insurance, because education costs are increasing from year to year.

With this type of insurance, policy holders will get benefits in the form of certainty in their children's future through quality education.

There are several benefits that policyholders can enjoy, including cash benefits or a return of premiums.

Apart from that, education insurance will also provide guaranteed protection if the policy holder dies before the child's education period is completed.

This scheme will provide good guarantees, so that children can continue their education without financial problems.

There are various types of education insurance available, for example traditional and investment-related or unit-linked insurance.


Additional insurance, also known as rider, is insurance provided in accordance with company policy.

This type of insurance can be purchased by customers if they already have the first insurance related to the additional benefits.

So additional insurance cannot be purchased carelessly, because only the policy holder can buy it.


The fifth type is vehicle insurance which has the benefit of being a form of financial protection for the vehicle owned by the policy holder.

Every vehicle owner, whether individual or institutional, will of course need this type of insurance.

Vehicle insurance willcover repair costs resulting from damage or loss.

There are also vehicle insurance products that provide protection against legal liability to third parties in some cases.

Cases that can be claimed for vehicle insurance benefits include accidents that result in damage or injury, additional coverage for floods, fires and even natural disasters.

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