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Arcadian Films: Father And Son's Battle Against Monsters In A Post-Apocalyptic World

NOBARTV.CO.ID Arcadian, a tense post-apocalyptic action thriller, hits the big screen in 2024. Directed by Benjamin Brewer and starring the iconic Nicolas Cage, the film takes audiences on an adrenaline-filled and horror-filled adventure amidst a world that has fallen apart.


Starring Nicolas Cage as the head of a family, this film tells the story of a small group of people trying to survive in a lonely and dangerous world. They live in a remote place surrounded by terrible creatures that appear at night. Cage plays a character that is far from the over-the-top roles he usually plays. Here, he appears with an acting that is controlled and full of regret, but ready to explode at the right moment.

This film tells the story of a father named Paul (Nicolas Cage) and his twin sons, Thomas (Jaeden Martell) and Joseph (Maxwell Jenkins), who try to survive in a destroyed world. By day, they live quietly on a remote farm. However, when night fell, they had to face attacks by mysterious and dangerous creatures. One day, Thomas did not return home before sunset. Paul is forced to leave the safety of the farm to search for his son. This journey leads them into horrific battles and forces the family to make desperate plans to survive.

Tension Full Battle

The story centers on Paul, a father who lives with his twin sons Thomas and Joseph on a remote farm. Their world has changed drastically after a major disaster, forcing them to live in fear and vigilance. During the day, they live quietly, but when night falls, they have to face the terror of mysterious and brutal creatures who attack them. One night, Thomas did not return home before sunset. Paul is faced with a difficult choice: stay in a safe place or go looking for his son in the midst of danger. With a steely determination to protect his son, Paul ventures out of hiding and begins a dangerous journey into the darkness. Paul must fight fierce monsters and dangerous obstacles on his journey. She is tested with fear, exhaustion, and doubt, but her resolve to save Thomas grows stronger.

Arcadian Films: Father And Son's Battle Against Monsters In A Post-Apocalyptic World
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Combining Action and Emotion

Arcadian presents tense and adrenaline-filled action, combined with touching family drama. The film explores themes of love, sacrifice, and determination to survive in impossible situations. Nicolas Cage gives a wonderful performance as Paul, a loving and determined father. He is able to convey characters with complex and convincing emotions. The film also stars Jaeden Martell and Maxwell Jenkins as Thomas and Joseph, who show strong chemistry as twin brothers. Nicolas Cage, who is usually known for his energetic acting, actually appears with a more controlled character in Arcadian. This is a surprise for viewers who are familiar with Cage's acting style. Cage's calm appearance actually makes the emotional explosion at the film's climax feel even more impactful.

Movie Reviews

Arcadian received mixed praise from critics. Many praised the beautiful cinematography that contrasts with the gripping story, as well as Nicolas Cage's unexpected performance. Although there are criticisms that highlight the lack of development of the world and supporting characters, overall Arcadian is considered a dystopian horror film that is fresh and worth watching. If you are looking for a horror film that doesn't just rely on jump scares but also has a weighty emotional story, Arcadian should be your choice.


Arcadian is an entertaining post-apocalyptic horror action film with Nicolas Cage's stunning acting and tense action scenes. Even though the plot is cliché and the characters are underdeveloped, this film is still interesting for fans of the genre.

Additional information:

  • Directed by: Benjamin Brewer
  • Written by: Michael Nylon
  • Produced by: Michael Nilon, David Wulf, Arianne Fraser, Delphine Perrier, Braxton Pope, Nicolas Cage
  • Starring: Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins
  • Cinematography: Frank Mobilio
  • Edited by: Kristi Shimek
  • Music by: Kristin Control, Josh Martin
  • Production companies: Saturn Films, Redline Entertainment, Highland Film Group
  • Distributed by: RLJE Films
  • Release dates: March 11, 2024 (SXSW), April 12, 2024 (United States)
  • running time: 92 minutes[1]
  • Countries: United States, Ireland, Canada
  • Language: English
  • Box office: $930,672
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