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The Painter: An American Action Film Full of Mystery and Suspense

NOBARTV.CO.ID The Painter, takes the audience on a tense adventure with a retired CIA agent who is haunted by his past. The Painter is a 2024 American action thriller film directed by Kimani Ray Smith and co-directed by Brian Buccellato. This film stars Charlie Weber, Jon Voight, Marie Avgeropoulos, and Madison Bailey. The Painter was released in the United States on January 5, 2024.


This film tells the story of Peter, a retired CIA agent who lives a peaceful life with his hobby being painting. However, his past comes back to haunt him when a mysterious woman from his past reappears. His quiet life turns to chaos when he is hunted by a ruthless assassin and a sinister black ops program. Caught in a deadly battle with a ruthless assassin and a sinister black ops program, Peter must reapply his long-abandoned skills to protect himself and uncover the secret behind the mysterious woman. In the midst of his action-packed escape, he discovers that his painting has a strange connection to all these events.

Stunning Action

The Painter offers an action-packed and suspense-filled storyline. Peter must face various obstacles and dangerous enemies on his journey to uncover the truth and protect himself. This film is strengthened by the stunning acting of the cast. Charlie Weber as Peter shows his ability to play a complex and determined character. Jon Voight gives a solid performance as Peter's mentor, and Marie Avgeropoulos brings mystery and charm as the enigmatic woman.

A Blend of Art and Mystery

This film not only offers a tense story, but also presents stunning visualizations. Each scene is colored by the beauty of painting that is pleasing to the eye, making the audience seem to be swept away in a world full of color and expression. This combination of art and mystery is the main attraction of "The Painter". This film invites the audience not only to focus on the storyline, but also to explore the meaning and message contained in every painting brushstroke.

The Painter: An American Action Film Full of Mystery and Suspense
Footage of scenes from the film The Painter (Source: Paramount More)

Deep Moral Message

Behind the tense story, "The Painter" also contains a deep moral message about the power of art, the meaning of life, and the consequences of excessive curiosity. This film invites viewers to reflect on human values ​​and the importance of maintaining a balance between curiosity and caution.

Acceptance and Criticism

The Painter received mixed reviews from critics. Some praised the tense action scenes and mysterious storyline, while others criticized the lack of in-depth character development and predictable plot. Nevertheless, this film will still appeal to fans of action thrillers who are looking for a spectacle full of adrenaline and suspense.


The Painter is an entertaining action thriller film with a storyline full of mystery and tense action scenes. This film is suitable to watch for fans of this genre who are looking for a show full of suspense and adventure.

Additional information:

  • Director: Kimani Ray Smith
  • Producer: Steve Paul
  • Written by: Brian Buccellato
  • Cast: Charlie Weber, Jon Voight, Marie Avgeropoulos, Madison Bailey
  • Music arranger: Rich Walters
  • Cinematographer: Ryan Petey
  • Editor: Trevor Mirosh
  • Production company: SP Media Group
  • Distributor: Republic Pictures
  • Release date: 05 January 2024
  • Duration: 97 minutes[1]
  • Country: United States of America
  • Language: Inggris
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