About Us

NOBARTV.CO.ID ( NOBARTV NEWS ) Pioneer in the Presence of a Fan Community Based Football News Portal

NOBARTV.CO.ID is an online football news portal that focuses on reporting in detail various aspects of world football league matches. Apart from that, it is also a community portal for Indonesian football fans where Indonesian football fans from various backgrounds and professions can gather and interact.

NOBARTV.CO.ID presents a variety of important match information, from previews, kick-off schedules, line-ups of the competing teams, to accurate score predictions, furthermore there is also interesting match FAQs (frequently asked questions) content to check out.

NOBARTV.CO.ID officially started its presence as a fan community-based football news portal on November 23 2021 to become a forum for football fans in the country to pamper them all with various events, community features and world football news.